The Wright Brothers

Information About the Wright Brothers

This is a project we did in technology. But we didn't know very many facts so we had to be learning about the Wright Brothers. We have learned when the Wright Brothers were born. And were they lived. We have learned way more than that but its hard to fit a 3d cube on a smore. So we snapped a pic the first side of the cube. And I think this was a fun and great way to learn about the Wright Brothers. So I want to share my information with you. Look below to see.

Wright Brothers

In 1867 Wilbur was born and in 1871 Orville was born they both liked repairing things. So they opened there on bike shop in 1900. But they also liked planes they built a glider and flew it in kitty Hawk. They failed but persevered and never gave up. They came back year after year. And finally In 1903 the Wright Brothers were successful and finally made the first thing flying machine that carried men with its own weight. But in 1912 Wilbur died and soon after Orville died in 1948.

They were very passion it people who persevered. We can tell that they persevered because they came year after year to kitty hawk with better planes then finally they got the glider to fly for 12 seconds. But they had many more traits and one was that they were fast thinkers because many people built planes but they finished before all the other inventors. There still another reason there in are social studies book. They were important because they invented planes that helped many people because they can send goods to other countries more efficiently. And people could travel and be happy.The wright Brothers had a obstacle in the way that could have held them from being in are social studies book. Knowing to add an engine and how to make it carry its own weight. I mean I cant fly and I'm nowhere close to how much a plane weights.

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