Regions Of Kansas

Places To Travel For Vacation

The High Plains

Did you know? When you are driving through Kansas you're mind thinks that you are driving a flat distance, but you are actually moving higher in elevation. Also if you are driving from the lowest elevation to the highest elevation you have traveled about 3,000 miles.

The high plains was formed when a river carried sand and gravel to the exact location. Whenever it would rain the water would seep into the ground for the Ogallala Aquifer to collect the water.

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Smoky Hills

The Smoky Hills is known for being post-rock country. The wood there is scarce so the early farmers used limestone for fence-posts. Something else thats cool is that the rocks there were found near or on the sea floor. There is now a rock in Gove County that is named "Castle Rock," because there once was a river that carved out that rock.
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Red Hills

The air here is dry and the trees are sparse. Most of the holes here are called sinkholes, the Big Basin is a sinkhole about a mile wide and 100 feet deep. The way that this region was named was because the material in the sand is called iron oxide, which is basically rust. The Red Hills could have been called Flat-Top Hills because of the way the hills are shaped.
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The Glaciated Region

Hundreds and thousands of years ago most of the united states was covered with glaciers. But then later on the climate changed, rocks and soil was carried from the north, large quartzite blocks were carried and scattered across the area.
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