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Are you having legal troubles? No worries, just contact Hartkopf & Associates. All of our contact information is listed below. The experiences attorneys of Hartkopf & Associates are ready to stand with you. We will help your fight for your rights.

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Hartkopf & Associates represents both plaintiffs and defendants. If you receive a complaint and summons, no worries, Hartkopf & Associates is here to help! We are a full service law firm, specializing in all areas of the law. Our caring attorneys will be by your side from the pretrial conference and pleadings, to arbitration or the verdict, and possible appeal. When mediation is warranted, our experiences mediation team will teach you the communication and negotiating skills needed to be successful in mediation. Hartkopf & Associates is known in the legal community for taking and winning even the most difficult cases. Our firm does not shy away from cases where the preponderance of evidence appears to be against our client. Of course, we are happy to except clients where the preponderance of evidence seems to be leaning to their benefit!

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