September 2014

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Employees: Does your school nurse have your immunization record?

It's that time of year when building nurses are busy ensuring that all PCSC students have up-to-date immunization information in PowerSchool. After October 1st, any student still needing immunizations who does not have a scheduled appointment to receive them will be excluded from attending school until documentation is provided showing receipt of the immunization or a planned appointment to receive them.

This is a good time to remind staff to take time to update personal records with the district as well.

Why should I update my immunization records at PCSC?

To prevent possible exclusion in the event of a measles outbreak, staff members born on or after January 1, 1958, are urged to show proof of immunization records to the nurse in your building. Immunization records will be entered into CHIRP.

Should an outbreak occur in our district and proof of immunization not be provided as described below, exclusion from school for 21 days or more without use of sick days is possible.

  1. Staff members born BEFORE January 1, 1958, are presumed to be immune to measles. They would NOT need to provide any additional documentation.
  2. Staff members born on or AFTER January 1, 1958, could be excluded from school for 21 days after the LAST measles case is identified if they cannot provide proof of immunity. Proof of immunity is defined as:

  • a medically documented history of the disease
  • documentation of two appropriately spaced measles-containing vaccine (e.g. MMR, MMRV)
  • lgG titer blood test with evidence of protective levels to rubeola (measles)

Where does my personal information go?

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) maintains an Immunization Information System known as CHIRP (Children and Hoosier’s Immunization Registry Program). The purpose of CHIRP is to collect, forecast, manage, and share vaccine data to registered medical providers in Indiana.

Immunizations records submitted by PCSC staff are entered into CHIRP.

What can I do if I cannot provide proof of immunization?

Staff should contact their personal health care provider to determine their personal status in regards to being vaccinated. Staff may also visit clinics such as Avon Walgreens, CVS Minute Clinic or Kroger Clinic for vaccinations.

I already submitted my most current records, but I've changed school location since then. Do I need to do anything?

If you have been granted access by your provider, you may verify that your records are in CHIRP by logging into My Vax Indiana.

If you have any questions, please speak with your school nurse or contact the central office. Thank you.

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Tech Update on PowerSchool Email

The Technology team continues to work with Pearson on solutions to PowerSchool email issues. The most recent "work-around" appears to be working. Technology will continue to monitor email over coming weeks.

If you attempt to send out an email to your class using the PowerTeacher email feature, please continue to “Blind Copy” yourself, to ensure that the email goes out to your parents/students. If the email does not appear to go out in a timely manner, please contact Technology. Thank you.

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Meet your PCSC Technology Department and Building-Level Tech Resources

The following Tech Aides and Tech Coaches are available as resources within individual buildings for questions relating to technology. These individuals help to monitor the Help Desk for issues that arise in their buildings.

Please remember: submitting a Help Desk Ticket is the first step to most efficiently solving any technology issues that arise. Thank you.

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