Red Wolf

Trey Thigpen

Red Wolves Facts

Red wolves are one of the world's most endangered species in the mammal family. Red wolves scientific name is Canis Rufus. Red wolves are social animals so they live in packs . The packs usually consist of 5 to 8 wolves.

Region where Red Wolves are found

Red wolves were originally found in the Southeastern section of North America. Due to habitat destruction and some other reasons many red wolves are keep at zoos for captive breeding. However the wolves that are wild are only found in the Albemarle peninsula of eastern North Carolina.

Reasons Red wolves are endangered

Red Wolves are endangered for many reasons. The main reasons are habitat destruction, hybridization with coyotes, predator control programs. The reason habitat destruction is bad is because it takes away red wolves dens, so they don't have a place to live which makes it really hard on them. Reasons hybridization with coyotes and predator control programs are bad is because hybridization causes lose of the purity of the species and causes sterile animals like mules. Predator control programs is just the killing of species that have to many so that's why that is bad.

What is being done to protect Red Wolves

There are a couple of things being done to protect Red Wolves. One thing they did was put it on the Endangered Species list which was a great thing because it made many people notice and start doing things to protect them. Another thing they did to help protect them was captive breeding which is breeding true red wolves together to try to get the population higher.
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