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Leading and Learning: WHAT CAN I DO?

As we continue to take on the challenges of this year, there is a question I have recently started to ask myself each day: What Can I Do? This statement is not from a "throw my hands in the air" sarcastic point of view, but a question that can help me chip away at the barrier between where we are right now and where we want to be. What can I do today that will help? What can I do to improve this situation? What can I do in this moment? What can I do?

Not every answer helps, but every answer is an effort to improve. It will take a collective effort of "What can I do?" questions to keep us moving forward. But, the alternative is to give up and accept our current state. I have never been one to quit. I have never been one to give in to my circumstances. So, I will continue to push forward. I will continue to look for opportunities. I will continue to ask myself each day: What can I do?

I hope you will join me in asking yourself each day -- What can I do?

Keep chipping away each day! Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Welcome to some new teaching staff:

  • Jalya Stigall is now teaching in the Science Department
  • Ashley Quinlin is back at SHS teaching in the Business Department
  • Cierra Means will be joining us soon in the Art Department

Thank you to:

  • our technology department for being present during lunches to help students swap their Lenovo Chromebooks out of a new one.

Congratulations to Aracely Guerrero-Alonso, who was awarded a Starfish Initiative Scholarship this week. Aracely is planning to attend college to major in elementary education!

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Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 13: Grateful Friday Challenge

Holy smoke, Batman? Do we need a break? Thank goodness that it is Friday, once again. Fall Break seems like a figment of our imaginations; was it really two weeks ago? Time sure is moving fast… or is it?? Thanksgiving is creeping up slowly, and Christmas is trailing right behind. I am sure we would all agree that there are many great surprises when receiving gifts, an unexpected letter, a smile from a friend, something you could really use and someone noticed and got it for you, a joyous bout of laughing over something silly… you get the point.

This weekend, we get a gift. An extra hour in our day! Well, not really, but it sure will seem like it as we roll the clocks back as we “Fall Back” and try to eek the last bit of sunlight out of our daily commutes and routines. What are you going to use that extra hour for on Saturday night? Will you save it for Sunday? The magic of the extra hour will quickly wear off, but that doesn't mean we can’t make it memorable now.

Today, think of something small that you can do for yourself this weekend with the hour. And then do it. Treat yourself to something just for you. Is it a nap? What about shopping for something frivolous? Sitting down and watching a show you always wanted but couldn’t make the time. Calling an old friend and catching up? We are all busy; we are all stressed, we are all trying our best to keep it together in what might be our hardest year of education yet. Gift yourself the time, it’s just an hour- but it’s a free one.

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Julie Breeden

Ms. Breeden's DC English students are preparing to write a comparative essay. The students have watched the movie A Few Good Men and have read articles about the Stanford Prison Experiment and other articles about social norms. Students participated in a discussion where they made connections between the two readings and specific scenes from the movie during class. Students will use the knowledge they built during the discussion to write an essay that compares the articles to the movie.

Ashley Quinlin

Welcome back, Mrs. Quinlin! Mrs. Quinlin recently took over a position in our Business Department. In class, her marketing students are working on a rebranding strategy for a well-known company. In groups, students researched rebranding strategies and the company selected. The students then had to create a poster displaying new logos, discussing consumer reactions, and showing their company's financial and sales impacts.


The Athletic Department hosted its annual Fall Sports Awards Night on Wednesday. Each Fall Sports coach had an opportunity to recognize athletes on their teams with four different awards. At the banquet, each team gave out a Most Improved Athlete, Highest GPA, Cardinal Award for outstanding character. Teams also met individually that evening to celebrate their seasons and give out other individual recognitions.

Reid Fawcett

Mr. Fawcett's Geography students spent time in class today examining historic political cartoons. Each of these cartoons was connected to political relations between the US and areas that the students are studying in the class. The students were asked to analyze the picture to identify key information and make connections to their learning from the past few classes.

Educational Humor

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