All-American Girl

By: Isa E. Drekter

Book By: Meg Cabot

Have you ever done something totally crazy, brave, and completely out of character for you? Well in the book "All-American Girl", By Meg Cabot, Samantha Madison does just that. Sam is a confused and rebellious teenager, and she doesn't fully appreciate her life. Until one day, while ditching her art class, she manages to save the President of the United States from assassination. As you can imagine this gives Sam a lot of attention, and she does not want any of it. However, that is the least of her worries. On top of all that she has been appointed teen ambassador of the U.N. Sam thinks all of that is awful, but the biggest and most unexpected problem that she will face is that the president’s son may be in love with her. Sam thinks she may be in love with him. In the end she learns to embrace new challenges and not take things for granted. I really enjoyed reading this book, though it was very farfetched and unrealistic; it contained some great life lessons.

"Well sure, but your my sister, I can't go out with a guy who is mean to my sister, who do you think I am?" - Lucy

"There is a difference between hearing and listening, just as there is a difference between seeing and knowing" -Susan Boone

the morals

1. To embrace new and unexpected challenges, and face them with open arms.

2. To not only hear someone, but to listen and really take in what they are saying.

3. Family matters. Always stand by your family and they will stand by you.

4. Don't take anything for granted.

All-American Girl By: Meg Cabot