The United States

By: Jordan Heinrichs

What Caused the United States to Enter World War II

Lend-Lease Act

* Britain could recieve weapons if they promise to return or pay for them

* Next 4 years $50 Billion

Neutrality Act of 1939

* "Cash-and-Carry" basis

* 50 old destroyers to Britain

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Hemispheric Defense Zone

* Western half of Atlantic Neutral

* Patrolled area to inform the British

* German Submarines fire

- Killing 115 sailors

* "shoot-on-sight"

Roosevelt's Thoughts

* Avoid war!

* Didn't want to have to fight on 2 fronts

(Atlantic and Pacific)

* Build up Navy and Air Force

* "Four Freedoms"

Selective Service

* September 16, 1940

Biggest Cause

* Attack on Pearl Harbor

* Enter the war in 1941

Important U.S. Leaders in World War II

Franklin D. Roosevelt

* President at start of war

* Helped Allies in every way but fighting

* Churchill, Stalin, and China's Chang Kai-shek

* United Nations

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Harry S. Truman

* Vice President to


* Atomic Bombs over Japan

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

* General in World War II

* Allie Supreme Commander

* Battle of the Bulge

* Impressive Ideas

* Later President

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George S. Patton

* Controversial General

* Education

* Commander

* Died

Known for:

Great Leadership

Expecting Results

Two Quotes:

"A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood"

"If a man does his best, what else is there?"

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General Mark Clark

* Youngest to be awarded General

* Operation Torch

* Education

* Invasion of French North Africa

- Plan

* Agreement was to not fight against Allied forces

* Invasion of Italy

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Douglas MacArthur

* Senior Military Commander

* Protecting Philippine Islands

* Withdraw from the Philippines

"I shall return"

* Education

* "island-hopping"

* Helped rebuild badly damaged Japan

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