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Royal Friesland Foods (Koninklijke Friesland Foods N.V.) was a Netherlands-based multinational cooperative that develops, produces and sells branded dairy products and fruit-based drinks. Royal Friesland Foods has a strong presence in Western Europe, Central Europe, West Africa and Southeast Asia.

In 2008, Friesland Foods merged with Campina, under the new name of Friesland Campina. The process was announced on December 2007. The EU conditioned the merger to the sale of certain cheese and dairy drink divisions by both companies.

Frisian food festival

On Easter Monday (Monday, 6 april) takes place for the third time this quirky festival about the Frisian food culture village in the harmony in Leeuwarden. Except that this is a place where a lot of tasty products to taste his will also follow developments in Friesland the festival especially in the field of good and transparent food away. It is a stage for producers, chefs, developers, entrepreneurs and so on.