Middle School North Newsletter

Week of November 29, 2021

Upcoming Dates

  • December 20-9: Vision & Hearing Screenings
  • December 20- January 3: Christmas/Semester Break
  • January 5-6: NWEA MAP Testing

Christmas Break

Monday, December 20th - Monday January 3rd

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday with your family! We will see you back at the start of a new year!

Winter Map Testing

January 5-6: NWEA MAP Testing

MAP Testing is this Wednesday and Thursday. Students will take their MAP tests during their Literacy and Math classes. The PDF file linked below will give you some detailed information about NWEA MAP testing and why we use it.

Brrrrr...... ITS COLD!!!

The temperatures are dropping! Please make sure to send your child with a coat. We will be outside in the morning and at recess.

504 Conferences

Mrs. Blackwell and Mr. House are still scheduling and holding conferences. Please be patience with us as we are working through the case load as fast as we can. As always, if you have a concern about your child's academic progress based on their 504 plan, please reach out.

Mr. House - 5th grade 504 coordinator

Mrs. Blackwell - 6th grade 504 coordinator.

How to keep up When Your Child is Quarantined

We know that being quarantined is tough! Getting work done from home is never easy. However, we want you to know the resources available to you and your child.

Utilize Google Classroom

  • Every assignment is posted in Google Classroom.
  • Every student logs into this program daily from school so they know their passwords.
  • You as the parent can access their Google Classroom using your child's login.
  • If your child is saying they don't know their password please contact their teacher or reach out to our registaur. We have that information for you!
  • Don't assume that when a student submits an assignment in Google Classroom that they completed it. Always open the submission and check their work.

Check TAC

  • Grades are posted in TAC.
  • This is where parents can go to see grades.
  • Teachers update grades weekly.
  • If you need help getting into TAC please contact our registuare

Please see the attachments below to help you if your child is quarantined

Google Classroom Support Link:


Check Those Pockets!

Hunting season is upon us. We love to see students spending time in the outdoors. What we don't love to see are pocket knives brought to school by accident. Please check pockets in pants and jackets before your student walks out the door.