Abigail Asibey 1/13/15 7th grade

I've grown this semester in Avid...

Cornell notes have helped me grow. They help you take better notes, and help u better understand the main focus on the topic of the subject. It also helps you when you have to go back in the cornell notes and HD or highlight the important notes.


TRFs have helped me grown too. When you right down the problem and write the definitions you understand it a little better. then when you do the critical thinking it helps you think about your question. finally when you do identify general process and steps you understand your question fully but u still need help from the tutor to solve it.


Toutorials have helped me by helping me learn the things i have trouble with. The tutors there help me too. For example when u do your TRFs on a question you don't understand they help you.


Organization helped me too because if i wasn't organized i would be failing Avid and all my other classes. I also have to organized for binder check which helps. Example:if all your stuff was unorganized your homework could be at home with a whole bunch of other work you forgot to take with you and if that paper was a test grade paper and the teacher would only allow you to turn it in on that day you would probably fail.
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Community Service

Community service helped me see that not everyone has food , clothing , and shelter. It also helps me realize that i should be thankful for all the things that i have because some people are poor and don't have a house or anywhere to go. It also feels good to know that you helped a person.
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Phislosophical chairs

Philosophical chairs is fun. You get to talk about things that happen and debate about it. Example: are Iphhones better than Samsungs some people might think samsung and some people think Iphones.
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What will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

I will be more focused, organized, take helpful notes, actually do my TRFs the right way. I will participate in tutorials.