Silent Strike

William Howard Taft

Superhero Slogan

I may not be following others leads, but I am morally making the right choice to help the nation.

Standard Oil (The Wolf in The Oil Fields)- their ruthless and immoral ways of coming to success in the oil industry earns their name.

1. Undercut prices until competitors went bankrupt
2. Negotiating with railroads to earn special rebates to save shipping costs
3. Buying out the competitors who could not be scared away
4. Spying on other companies
5.Dispatching thugs who used threats and physical violence to break up
the operations of competitors who could not otherwise be persuaded.

Ida Tarbell (Corrupt bargainers)

In 1894, she was hired by S.S.McClure to write for the McClure's Magazine. She wrote about standard oil because Ida's father worked in the oil industry, he first started an oil tank business, and later he became an oil producer and refiner in a small county. His business, along with other small oil industries was doing pretty well, until John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil) started to use unfair tactics to lower railroad fares for larger oil companies, and her father's business suffered.

Powers to end the rein of the Wolf!

16th amendment-a two percent federal income tax on corporations by way
of an excise tax and a constitutional amendment to allow the
previously enacted income tax, to force companies to have to pay a tax
to the federal government ( allowed for the government to look into
Standard oil)

Strengthening the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission )- The agency's
purpose was to regulate railroads (and later trucking) to ensure fair
rates, to eliminate rate discrimination, and to regulate other aspects
of common carriers, including interstate bus lines and telephone
companies, to stop companies like Standard Oil from monopolizing

Post office- Increasing the performance of the postal service, allowed
more people to get the news across the nation.