May Primer newsletter

May 1, 2016

Read Now- Must Know

Please mark your calendar to attend the moving up to first grade meeting. At this meeting, administration will go over the structure and routine of first grade. Please bring any questions or concerns you have about next year to this meeting.

This week we are working with our third grade project pals to celebrate School Lunch Hero Day. Author and illustrator, Jarrett Krosoczka came up with the day after writing his Lunch Lady graphic novels. He created a short video explaining the history around this special day. It is really worth your time to watch it.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • May 3 New Student and Buddy Family Ice Cream Social 6-7 PM
  • May 4 Primer to the Rain Catcher's Garden
  • May 5 Rising Up First Grade Meeting from 8-9 in the theater
  • May 10 Primer field trip to the Rise School

What are we up to

Primer students will move towards editing and publishing their Pigeon stories this week. We just completed drafting our stories last week.

In math we are adding in Everyday Math Curriculum pieces such as frames and arrows and in and out rules so that students will be familiar with these concepts when they arrive in first grade.

Our social studies lessons are focusing on different communities and concepts such as goods and services, needs and wants, producers and consumers. In computer class, students are extending their work on communities by creating rural areas using Minecraft Edu. In this version, students are in the create mode and are working on applying different tools and ideas to build areas.

In phonics, we will wrap up on work on contractions and moving towards synonyms and antonyms.

Articles of Interest