recipe for a perfect world

By Cyndi


  • 1 billion food stations
  • 7 billon of every single product in the world
  • 1 million bags of friendship
  • 100 billon kg of freedom
  • 1 giant metal burner


1. Spread 1 millon food stations all over the globe so that everyone has access to healthy food. No more starvation.

2. Give out one of everything so that we are all equal.

3. Share 1 million bags of friendship to all the human race so that everyone can co-operate and get along.

4. Distribute 7 billion perfect heart to everyone so we can all be honest and trustworthy.

5. Spread 100 billion kg of freedom all over the world so everyone can be free from communism.

6. Build 1 giant metal burner to destroy all dangerous weapons so there is no war.

7. Put it all in a baking tray, bake on high for 10 years for a perfect world.

Enjoy your new world!