Incorporated in 1961 in Cabela's basement


Richard Cabela


Thomas Millner


Cabela’s Catalog, Inc.
Cabela’s Lodging, LLC
Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures, Inc.
Cabela’s Marketing and Brand Management, Inc.
Cabela’s Retail, Inc.
Cabela’s Retail GP, LLC
Cabela’s Retail LA, LLC
Cabela’s Retail TX, L.P.
Cabela’s Trophy Properties, LLC
Cabela’s Ventures, Inc.
Cabela’s Wholesale, Inc., Inc.
Great Wolf Lodge of Kansas City, LLC (17.5%)
Herter’s, LLC
Original Creations, LLC
Three Corners, L.L.C. (33.3%)
Van Dyke Supply Company, Inc.
WFB Funding Corporation
WFB Funding, LLC
Wild Wings, LLC
World’s Foremost Bank

Industry-Sporting Goods

Factors of Production

Services- Sporting Goods

Employment-19.3 Thousand

Net Worth-$4.1 Billion

Financial Info

Their stock has been going up over the years and doing well. I think this is because they are expanding more around the U.S.

Stock Information

  • The CAB trades on the NYSE
  • 52 week high/low: High- $72.53 Low- $46.24
  • They are trading at around $57
  • They have not split
  • They have a total of 74,032 shares
  • They have not payed dividends
  • Analyst say the stock is very BULLISH
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  • Outdoor products retailer Cabela's struggled to find profit growth in FY2014, hurt by margin pressure that was partially a function of weak customer traffic volumes.
  • The company's relatively poor financial performance helped to provide downside pressure for its stock price over the past year.
  • With a current P/E multiple of approximately 19, Cabela's market valuation seems to more than account for its profit growth prospects and investors should probably take a pass on it.


  • Cabela's reported fourth-quarter earnings.
  • Comparable profits fell from $1.32 per share last year to $1.11 this holiday period.
  • Increased marketing costs may be part of the story, but that doesn't explain the 5.5% drop in same store sales.


  • I would purchase stock in this company because they seem like they will increase over time.
  • I have made $1,252 profit
  • Investing has great risks, but those risks are what fuel our economy.