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This issue of Connected focuses on the new Meeting Types feature in RaptorConnect and shares tips for preparing the upcoming semester. In this edition, we also introduce Staff Spotlight, featuring Kyle Jenkins, an assistant dean/academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences!

Appointment Flexibility Through New Meeting Types

As we return to campus, support services will need to be flexible to meet the needs of our students. To help ensure a seamless transition between virtual and in-person services, a new feature in RaptorConnect allows staff members to indicate how and when services are available to students. The new Meeting Types feature offers students the opportunity to select how they want to meet with their advisors: in-person, virtually, or by phone. Read more in the Meeting Types Guide for Staff.

Student Tutorial: Scheduling Appointments in RaptorConnect

The following video was shared with students via email and on the Rutgers Camden App.
Students How to Schedule Appointments in RaptorConnect 002

Staff Spotlight: Kyle Jenkins, Assistant Dean

Tell us about your role at Rutgers Camden.

As an academic advisor, I guide students through their major and general education requirements to graduation, along with supplementing their academic and personal development.

What do you like most about working at Rutgers Camden?

I love the close knit community and working with colleagues who demonstrate they really care about students and their success through their thoughts and actions.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge students face in college?

Adjusting to University life and negotiating personal, academic, and societal responsibilities and expectations is a careful balancing act requiring time and energy; much of students' individual success hinges upon this. Especially in the times that we are living in, students have so much on their plates between work, school, and family.

How does RaptorConnect help you to support your students?

RaptorConnect has really simplified my access to information found throughout the many different systems Rutgers uses. It’s much easier now to communicate with large amounts of students and schedule appointments, which is the backbone of my work. The note keeping function has come in clutch during these virtual/remote times, as I have not had as much access to the physical files we store. Additionally, as a person who loves data and graphs, the different analytical tools available make me feel like a kid in a toy store!

Which features within the platform do you like or use the most?

The advanced search function and analytics have replaced much of the work I did in the past by hand, ultimately saving time and creating space for interesting and thought-provoking insights. The analytics tab especially breaks down data points wonderfully, and I am looking forward to spending more time with the “Intervention Effectiveness” tool to better improve some of our processes.

Is there anything within the platform that would like to see added or improved?

I do wish the conversation tab was more similar to a traditional inbox/outbox, since it gets a little tricky to navigate at times.

Share a tip, trick or suggestion with other users.

You can take an excel column of RUIDs and directly paste them into the advanced search field, hit search, and it will pull and match the student profiles. This way, if you want to send a mass text message or email, or further investigate the data, it is much easier to manage.

Tips to Prepare for Fall 2021

Update Appointment Availability

If you use RaptorConnect to allow students to schedule appointments, remember to update your availability for the upcoming semester, keeping in mind scheduled time off, university holidays and needed administrative time! Review your Outlook calendar to make sure non-student appointments are marked as 'Busy' and general information items are marked as "Free".

Review Open Cases

Open your Case file, the File Folder Icon on the red side-bar to see Cases that have been assigned to you. Close cases that may have lingered from past semesters.

Update Cohort Lists

Provide the Registrar's Office with any changes to student cohort information (i.e. Honors, Athletics, EOF). Changes made to a student’s university record will appear in RaptorConnect the following day, but the data is only as correct as the data in the student record with the Registrar.

Update Student Lists

Review your existing Student Lists and make necessary adjustments. You can use Student Lists to track students over time, send messages or create Appointment Campaigns. You may also create new Student Lists from a CSV file.

To upload a student list from a CSV file, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Lists and Search page in Navigate Staff.
  2. Select Upload Student List from the Actions menu in the Student Lists section of the page as shown in the following image.

To Upload Student List in Actions Menu:

  1. Add students to an existing list OR create a new list.
  2. Select the CSV file and click Upload.
  3. Choose the column in your CSV file that represents Student ID and then finish importing the file.
Click Here to Request New User Access

Use this link to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After supervisor approval, new users must sign an acknowledgement of Rutgers University Data Policy and FERPA Guidelines before access is granted.


RaptorConnect New Student Online Orientation Video

Video for ONSP's Online Orientation.

Using Activity Analytics

Use Activity Analytics to review and report on key metrics related to activities staff members take with students.

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