Teaching Tools: Tablets

Teachers and students love iPads

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a device with a combination of features of a notebook, netbook computer and an iPod touch. iPads have features such as, LCD-backlit Multi-Touch screen, on-screen soft-keyboard, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Four ideas for teachers using iPads

1. As seen in the video, teachers can project their iPad onto a SmartBoard to lead lessons. Students can follow along on their own iPad. With iPads, lessons can become more engaging and interactive.

2. Teachers can download apps like Show Me, Screen Chomp, and Pocket Phonics for students. There are various types of apps to assist teachers with teaching lessons on literacy.

3. Teachers can use iPads to make flash card practice more efficient. Apps like A+ Pro Flashcards can be used by students in pairs or small groups.

4. iPads can be used for reading. Teachers may consider using iPads to assign reading assignments for individuals, pairs, groups or as a class. iPads provide versatile options for teachers and students.

iPads in the Classroom