Here as promised,information about food and healthy eating.

You have to look at food as fuel,not as delicacies!

You should know that the food is divided into several classes...
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The fiber and vitamins.


Tips on nutrition:

John,you must drink at least 3 liters of water a day,our body consists of 70% water.Eat often,but small portions,this will increase your metabolism.Eat food which contains protein and watch the calorie intake,this is very important.From your data I have calculated that you should eat no more than 2000 calories.The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.Keep these important rules and the result will not keep itself waiting!In the next letter I will write you more in-depth system and talk about the glycemic index of food.


Kanye West-Stronger by SPECii4L10

Just do it,John !!!