Connections Make Learning Happen

Willa's EDCMOOC Learning timeline

Our theme this week "What it means to be human" involved as Sian Bayne put it, "some chin stroking."

Language, touch, laughter, dreams, emotions, creativity, consciousness,togetherness and learning come to mind when I think of what it means to be human. Today I'm focusing on Connections and how the people who I have connected with, made that learning happen.

A little help from my friend...

Understanding my angst

Laurie Neistraith was another early PRE MOOC connection. Her words of encouragement and blog posts reminded me that even though I wasn't as skillful as many of my classmates, I could do whatever I set my mind to. Not her exact words, but the meaning was clear. She suggested that I take a free 10 day DIY Web 2.0 course offered by Powerful Learning Practice. I did just that and it was such a help for someone who previously had only used email and Facebook.

Willa Ryerson

Taking a course from the University of Edinburgh E-Learning and Digital Cultures

Experiencing new ways that technology can enhance learning. Examining ways that Connectivism and MOOCS can shape the future of education.

Time for some Music

When Chris posed the question.... Maybe we need an EDCMOOC school song? I tried and found the song MooMoo Land. One weekend someone on Facebook ..Was it Madhura, Ary, Andy, or Brian ? started thinking about mooc songs. One of the more memorable titles is "We Will Mooc You" to the tune of We Will Rock you. Ary then put a list of songs on the File page of our EDCMOOC Facebook group. Somehow, Madhura must have been "instrumental" in MOOC song titles, therefore she was given the nickname Musical Madhura in my GoAnimate video "Voyage to MoocLand"

Inspiration from other "Peeps"

Trying Video Scribe, GoAnimate, Animoto and Sketch Star

"What a Mooc Looks like to me"," Starship EDCMOOC","Film Clip Impressions" " I Love My Scottish Mooc"

I have had wonderful fun learning how to make these videos. It's taken an enormous amount of time. But, with the help of my Fraingers (Friends +Strangers ),my CONNECTIONS, I was able to learn and accomplish something that I thought was impossible at the beginning of this course. So, I thank you all for your inspiration,encouragement and above all, your help.
What a MOOC looks like to ME #edcmooc
Starship EDCMOOC LOG 2013.1
#edcmooc film impressions
I love my Scottish MOOC by moocgirl

Thank you, "PEEPS"

As Laurie St. Cyr Naistraith put it, "You've come a long way, baby!" Yes, I have come a long way from just using e-mail and Face Book to being able to do all this. And thanks to Elena, I can add this web tool, to my repertoire. Connections Make Learning Happen. Fortunately my "Peeps", these wonderful human beings, who are willing to reach out, to share, to help another person grow, exemplify Humans at their very best.

Thanks to Andy for recommending Mosaically

Look carefully, these are my "peeps"