does racism exist in the community?

a collection of new's and articles about racism in the greater Toronto area


Sikh school vandalism

This means that racism is not a vile thing of the past, it still is occurring in our own community. It is thriving stronger with each passing day, this is only a small example


On Tuesday morning the Khalasa Community School in west Brampton was vandalized by a three or four vandals spray-painting "KKK" onto the outside of the gym wall. The principle Ripsodhak Grewal doesn't know why these teenage vandals would do this. one thing he does know is that something must change in Brampton. This had been one of the two worst incidents in the recent months. He also quoted in complete rage " its hard to imagine this happening in the 21st century, i'm beginning to wonder, what we are missing when we are educating young people these days."The first motive to to the vandalism was that it had moved from a Sikh community to a Catholic school. The Vandal's firstly smashed the bus windows and spray-painted get lost. this is what made Grewal install security camera's. There had been 76 hate-based crimes in the year of 2010. That is only in one year. Balpreet Singh of the world Sikh organization of Canada claimed that this was common.

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Racism in our community's jobs

This is a major check point where racism occurs, within our community's jobs. Canada born people are more likely to be chosen for a job than non- Canada born people. This news story further explains on that point


In the year of 2011, employers sent out 2000 online job postings in the greater Toronto area. Applications with white (or English sounding names) got almost 40% more callbacks (to call them and discuss the job) than those with Chinese, Indian, or Pakistani sounding names. Also changing the persons past experience, from Canada to foreign, lowered callbacks more than 15-10%. This means that employers valued the Canadian work experience far more than the workers real intelligence. Secondly, people who had been lucky enough to get a interview were also turned down because of their skin color, but the employers could not tell whether they had experience or not so they now evaluate resumes spoke with a foreign accent or had an ethnic sounding name, they still preferred European sounding names.

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A job application

HOW that is the wrong choice

This is the wrong choice for the employer because the employer has overlooked a very appropriate skills and education. This means that racism helps no one even when they think it makes a better community. In a city and region so multicultural, that has been an immigrant reception center for over a hundred years there is no way for employers could tell whether a person is a immigrant by their name. they still should not be trying to.

Racism in common places (bullying)

In June, 15, 2011 a man named Dan Levy was at a going away party for one of his friends He found a group of people looking at him, of which one of them , a woman, called out to him "Hail Hitler!" He just stared at the woman in utter shock. Then she opened her mouth and said “German?” then Dan said “no Jewish” expecting a full apology and a lot of regret of what she said. She ended up pointing to another man on the patio that told her to say it. This means that racism happens ,to which you might be lest expecting, europeans it has grown to people thinking your own race is superoir!!!!!!!!
A black man name Ahmir Thompson hated parking lots and elevators because of his physical size and he was black and his fear of people fearing him. One day when he was on the elevator a white woman came in and he asked her what floor so he could push the button to be kind but she just stood there and coward in fear. So he thought that she might live on his floor. When they got to his floor he waited until she went through the door first but she didn't. so he said “ladies first” and she replied this is not my floor. this meant she though the he might robb her or another crime

20 stories of racist acts in canada

An extraordinarily racist letter — bearing the letterhead of a Toronto area high school — was distributed to students late last week in an apparent prank. Richview Collegiate Institute, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper once attended, is now investigating how the letter was distributed and has alerted police. But as soon as it was produced, the letter was quickly shared on social media sites as if it were legitimate.

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Racism test

Researchers in Toronto recruited 120 non-black York University students for what they said was a psychology study. Half of the students were each put in a room with two actors — one white and one black — posing as other participants.The black actor then left the room to get a cellphone, bumping the other actor on the way out. The white actor then responded in one of these two ways, saying nothing, saying the phrase “I hate when black people do that”. When the black actor returned, study participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire rating their emotional mood and then were asked to choose a partner for what they thought was the actual test. The researchers found that in cases where the white actor made a racist comment, participants did not speak out, did not report any emotional distress and actually chose the white actor as a partner more often than the black actor.



A 16 year Girl was posting racist videos on YouTube. She was comparing turbans with terrorists and how she had to move from Toronto to bramledesh , a racist term of a highly South Indian population of the city of Brampton. And through her videos she was in outraging white people to get in touch whit her and said that we'll be able to drive them back to their own country. Now she regrets what she said about it and she fell into deep depression and is now at the hospital her dad also said that he did not know what she was doing and she quoted "I have non-white friends who hate me now and I don't know why I did that. Her schools we're very angry at her for what she said and the day after Tuesday when she was walking home when She was walking home she got jumped and the teachers on duty call the police and they had to escort her o he hospital. They took a Survey and differ options of people and some said that " she is blankly racist" " she should have known that most of the people here are forms different background said a 10 the grade boy. " I only mad ant the go back to your own country part, she should have known that most of us were born here". Later she deaths threats and her YouTube account and face book and Twitter account has been deleted. Kyla was her name. And after she posted that IT got a very angry response and a police investigation.

Racist Brampton Girl

Response to the video

The video below is a response to the Brampton racist girls video. It is posted by superwoman who is a YouTube hit and many of Brampton's youth are very inspired by her. In the video she is NOT making fun of the Brampton racist girl , kyala, but she is telling the people to not post swearing or death threats to her video but she is advising the people about the truth of Indians and kyala's video. so overall this is a positive response and action people are taking against racism to prove violence and hatred are never the key to solving conflicts, but awareness and positive actions are. It is also good to know people like superwoman are not ignoring the issue but using their popularity for good. this is a step to a promising future.



The this affects you in the most biggest way. All these conflicts have happened in the greater Toronto area and Brampton , which contains more than 80% of south Asian in Canada, and have been very rude. All this only happened in the last 2 years. That means that they have not resolved the solution yet and its getting worse. This could happen to you at any time and you could be denied your basic rights and your hard work.


Quebec is the most racist province in north america. The government are trying to be apart from Canada by creating racist law that are depriving non-french (mostly Indians and Sikh) from their freedom. This includes the ban of soccer. The ban of soccer is a ban that does not allow people with turbans to play soccer in public leagues. The people can only play in the temple league. recently Quebec had closed down 3 of its largest English speaking schools and 1 Sikh school.
CBC NN's John Northcott on Quebec Soccer Turban Ban

idle no more

idle no more is a protest of natives canadains protesting that the goverment is destroying their home land and breaking the Indian Act law with the omnibus buget bill C-45. This has picked up popularity in several provinces especally Ontario