aka Vela

Planetary Description

Why is this a good planet to move to? This exoplanet was ranked in the top 5 of most habitable planet outside of our solar system. HD85512B has temperatures to sustain liquid water which makes the atmosphere more easy going. Lastly

3 Issues i may experience upon the adventure

My first concern is that after doing research this planet maybe just too hot for the transition, the PHL's new definition of 'habitable' states it would no longer be habitable even though at one point it was labeled one of the most.My way of fixing this would be to train humans to adapt to the extreme like weathers of this exoplanet and see if that works. My second concern is that the water would not be able to supply itself. i may fix this by coming with a way to make the atmosphere more humid if possible. My third and final optical could be not having enough research about this planet. i would fix this by having a search team invest more into it before setting up this experience to a new earth.

Next i did some research myself...

Diameter: 11,876.25

Distance from sun: 24,000,000 miles / 39,000,000 kg

Average Temperature: 24C / 75F

How long 1 day is: Unknown

Orbital Period: 54 days

Gravitational Force: 8,511.71

Mass: 2.0902^25 KG

My weight on the planet: 8.60425^11

Distance from earth: 36 light years

Age upon arrival: 21

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