Emma Zimmerman

My goal board

Autism Walk

My brother Ethan has Autism and ever seen I was 11 I wanted to do a walk for it.
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Texas Tech University

I want to go to Texas Tech University and and get a degree in animal science.
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Help Homeless

Sometime in high school I want to do charity work for the homeless like

  • severe meals
  • give toys/clothes
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Learn French

Sometime when I am in my 30's or 40's I want to learn French and go to France.
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Learn how to run a barrel

I would want to do this as a hobby but it takes a lot of work.
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Live in country

When I am older I want to go live out some where in the country.
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Become a vet

I want to become a vet because I love animals.
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Help out at a hosptial

I am a big person when wanting to help someone.