Batesville Elementary

Principal's Newsletter-- March 1, 2019

Building the Foundations of Long-term Success

We began this year focused on a mission of Love, Excellence, High Expectations, Family, and the 4 Bs. We have completed almost 75% of the school year now, and our mission must continue more than ever to be at the forefront of who we are and where we aim to be. It is imperative that now, as the challenges of the lessons we have left to master find us tired and stressed-- Now is exactly the time when we must hold stronger to our belief in ourselves and belief in each other. Teachers must reach deep within themselves to find the best way to help our students arrive at their light bulb moments. All the while, students must really live the words of our 4 Bs pledge: I am important, I am the future of this world, I am ready to be the best me I can be. When we are all working at this level, school is a place of miracles. On our best days, our school has been a place of miracles. We now must push to make our best days, our new normal.

PBIS Opening New Doors of Learning

Key Dates to Remember

March 4th- Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration- Dress Up as Favorite Character

Parent- Strengthening The Family Training 530pm-7pm (catered event)

March 5th- Begin GED Classes

March 6th- 3rd/4th UIL Meet

March 8th- Field Day

March 11th-15th- Spring Break

March 18th- Teacher Professional Development- No School for Students

March 25th- Regular Board Meeting

March 1st- March 31st- Living our Mission/Vision!!!