My Personality

Triangle (Exact, Precise, Gets the job done)

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Starcraft 2

In any strategy you game you cant waste any movement or time. You have to be exact in your placement of units or you will loose the game.


No matter what Batman never fails at getting the job done. If he says he is going to save Gotham from a nuclear bomb, he will.

Dextor's Labratory

He is a scientist priding on his precision in calculations building different gadgets and trinkets. What ever he sets his mind to he gets it done.

F-22 Raptor

The fastest modern jet that is exact in its design to slice through the air with very little drag resistance.

Geiger Counter

Has to be precise in its reading or you will harmed by radiation. XI

AP Physics C

Every calculation that is made has to be exact or you will get the entire question wrong. There is no messing up on conversion or choosing the wrong equation.

Bengal Tiger

Spiral Aloe

The spring aloe is very exact there is not one different from one another and it has a precise spiral that is