Ecuador... the place to go!

by: Gabriel Piland

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Come... stay a while!

Ever thought about visiting the richest country in the world when it comes to culture. Well Iv done my research and its save to say you can visit with a one way ticket to Quito, the heart of Ecuador, for only seven hundred dollars. Not only do you get to go to the amazing country of Ecuador you also get treated to the amazing service of delta airlines! The only downside is you have to take the flight from Greer SC, which isn't all that bad in my opionion.
Julio Jaramillo Ecuador - Pasillo ( coleccion muy Privada)

Julio Jaramillo, the "Elvis Presly" of ecuador

Julio Jaramillo, an amazing singer that you should definitely know of just in case the topic is brought up on your trip. Julio Jaramillo was born on the first of October in 1935, and from there after he has recorded over 4000 songs! It is so easy for me to say that the Ecuadorians do not forget the impact he has made on that country, so it would be wise to know as well to keep from offending the locals.