Roman Gladiators:Heroes or Victims?

They were Both!

Victims Point of View

  • most were slaves captured during numerous wars Rome fought.
  • a method was used to determine a criminals death. Those who murdered were put into the arena unprotected against a wild beast. Those who committed arson were burned. Others were crucified.
  • Lions, elephants giraffes, and other rare animals all played a role in gladiator fights as well.
  • "If they lose, they die"~unknown
  • The audience and the emperor decided if the gladiator lived, or died. However, most of the power was in the audience.
  • It was the gladiators " duty" to die.
  • "The loser will not be spared"~unknown
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Heroes Point of View

  • · The profession called for courage, good morale, and absolute fidelity to the master to the point of death.
  • · Through courageous behavior, he received an honor similar to that of a Roman soldier on the battlefield
  • Women also served as gladiators.
  • The fight between Priscus and Verus was the only fight to be recorded in detail.
  • · The fight between Priscus and Verus was a draw.
  • Their owners fed them with high energy diets.

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