Andrea Davis Pinkney

1.summarize what happened in Greensboro sit-ins

4 people went into a diner and ordered a doughnut and coffee and cream but they didn't get served because of their color

2.what is segregation?what is integration?

Segregation is when races come apart and integration is when all races come together.

3.why do you think the author says that ''practicing peace while others showed hatred was tougher than any school test.''?

The quote means they had a hard time because nobody would except them.

4.what is SNCC why was it created,and what did they do?

SNCC stands for student nonviolent coordination committee.It was created to help stop segregation.they wanted every thing to be fair so they tried to make things equal.

5.find quotes in the book that you liked.

We are all leaders.Demonstrate calm dignity.We must meet violence with nonviolence.