"The Colony with Opportunity"

"The Colony that Came as a Gift"

Pennsylvania is known for the foundation of which is stands. It was founded on December 12,1682.

The Birth of Pennsylvania came from William Penn receiving Pennsylvania's royal charter from King Charles II of England.


Get an Opportunity to Have a Great Paying Job

There is a abundance of natural resources here in Pennsylvania. We have flax and hemp farms to further the textiles industry. We have plenty of woods to fund our paper making industry as well as untouched streams to power our saw and gristmills. Producing pig iron is a new and rapidly growing industry and has shown its importance in ship building.

Get the opportunity to Worship anyone or anything.

Pennsylvania has many religions. Not just one religion, not just one Church. The religions throughout the colony are Welsh, Dutch Quakers, French Protestants, Amish and Lutherans from Catholic German States.

Get the Opportunity to be as Influential as These People

You WILL Get the Opportunity to Have Enjoyable Life

Men, Women, and your families have the opportunity to come and have enjoyable life. You will have a great payable job. You will have the opportunity to worship anything or anyone you please. You will have the opportunity to be just as, if not more, influential as the people who made such an impact on this land. You WILL get the opportunity!