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YouTube Videos for All Educators


There are a countless number of resources available for the inquiring educator. Tools such as Twitter, Google Plus, and other online communities are a cauldron of ideas, tips, and information for you to use in your classroom. However, one of the most valuable resources can be a simple YouTube search. YouTube is packed full of podcasts, conference keynotes, and teacher videos to watch to empower your teaching frame of mind. However, sometimes we just need a teacher laugh to get us through the day! Below are a few videos that I rely on for inspiration and/or a laugh in my classroom.

Teaching Videos

Did You Know 2.0 from Shift Happens

I was first introduced to this video in my educational technology classes at Northern Iowa. Dr. Zeitz showed this to us and, since that day, its message has stuck with me. Although the video is almost 10 years old and has nearly 5 million views, it discusses how rapidly the world is changing. Each fact is an eye opening realization that we are truly preparing students for careers that currently do not exist. I know you'll be as astonished as I was, so take a look.

Know Your Why

Much has been said about your personal "why" as a teacher and making that the focal point of what you do. We may all have different "whys," but ultimately it's to help our students succeed. This video is a great explanation of someone knowing their "why." There's a good chance that half of the video views have come from the Davenport district alone, but it's such a powerful video with an amazing message. "Check it!"

The Golden Circle - Simon Sinek

I was first introduced to Simon Sinek a few years back and have realized what thought-provoking and worthwhile messages he communicates in his videos. This video, in particular, is one that I find powerful in its message. Again, it goes along with the "why" message, but the way it is presented is quite awesome. Even though this TED Talk is geared towards the business realm, it can easily be translated to what we do each day in education.

Teacher Humor

TeachingCenter from Key & Peele

If you're an avid sports fan like I am, you probably spend a lot of time watching SportsCenter. But, when you can combine SportsCenter and the teaching profession, it really is a win-win. Key & Peele from Comedy Central created a video called TeachingCenter, which displays what SportsCenter would be like if it were about at teachers. So, if you've ever been curious about a teacher draft or what happens when a teacher trade occurs, this video will give you all the insight.

Mr. D Calls in Sick (and teaches you how to grade!)

As the old saying goes, it's much harder to stay home from work rather than going in and teaching when you're sick. However, in this video by Mr. D (Gerry Dee), he puts a new spin on taking sick days off. If you've ever considered "planning your sick days," Mr. D can help you out!

Another hilarious video by Mr. D involves grading essay tests. In this video, he offers a lightning fast method to maximize efficiency!

Principal Gerry Brooks

If this is the first time you're hearing about Gerry Brooks, the elementary principal from Kentucky who creates hysterical teacher videos, consider this a life-changing discovery! Gerry posts videos about various topics in the education world, ranging from differentiation, to teacher feedback, to teacher surprise bags. It's so easy to get lost in his channel and its hilarity. Even though there are several great videos, the differentiation video is quite amusing! Make sure to check out all he has created for a good laugh!

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