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August 24th

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Don't Panic!

Stop by or send an email and ask the Librarian!

I am here to help you with whatever I can.

We'll work together and get it done.

Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence

Not sure what to do with technology? What should students know? What skills should they be working on? Check out the link below and see what your students should be able to do with technology and what they need to learn. This is for 5th-8th graders as our students are expected to have mastered when entering high school. In addition check out the SAMR model. It's the Blooms' Taxonomy for Digital Literacy!
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Technology Inventory on the Horizon

Inventory season will soon be upon us. If you know you've moved technology (shame on you), please send me an email with the IT barcode # and the room # that the item is currently in. Also, if you have items that you know you will no longer use, bring or send them to me in the library, so I can find a good home for them or send them on their way. This kind of pre-work will make the upcoming inventory happen smoothly.

No News Yet...All-Star Laptops & ID Badges

All-Star Laptop Program (from Learning Tech)....The process of enrolling new teachers will occur over the next few weeks. Once they are enrolled, we will be sending out more information. If anyone ask, just ask they be patient and they will be able to start soon.

Student & Teacher IDs....I have yet to hear anything from the district concerning student IDs except for rumor...1) Middle School MTA Badges are a no go, maybe this means we can expect our 10th, 11th, & 12th grade ID badges soon. Teacher ID badges and the Kronus (Chronus?) has been moved to after Winter Break. I do not know if this means we will receive normal badges until then or nothing until then.

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WWYD in the Library Wednesdays...

The library will be open late on Wednesdays. Students may stay in the library until 4:15 when they will be escorted to the car area or the MTA bus. All students are required to leave at this time. Please see Ms. McClure in the library if you have any questions.

Student Visits....

When sending students to the library (and please do), always send them with a pass that tells us what they need to do and when you'd like them back. Let students know if they'd like to visit during lunch to stop by in the morning and get a lunch pass.


If you have not activated your account and added a bio and image, please do so ASAP. This is our first line of communication with the public and it needs to look as good as possible. If you notice items that need correction or would like for me to add items (especially calendar), please let me know. Also, if you are a coach, club mentor or other program representative, I can give you access to your own page to edit regularly.