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Decoration With Candle Lanterns

Homeowners use decorative candle lanterns in both outdoor and indoor situations. Some of these come with wood rustic motif and others boast of a metal make consisting of wrought iron, brushed nickel and brass. Depending upon the size and decorating theme of different spaces you can consider products that complement with room layout, decorative accessories and furniture design. Varieties in which you will need to burn real candles however are not the ones you can leave unattended. So you will need to look at your lifestyle requirements before making the best selections.

Decorate your mantels, tabletops, or entryway

These are the best places to keep the candle lantern. For example, you can keep it up on the tabletop for decoration and a single oversized piece works as the focal point. Alternatively, you can keep these in groups at the entryway for creation of festive theme quite appealing for the holidays. Place them up on the mantel in order to lighten up areas that do not get light from the fireplace. Wood lanterns give you the option to paint them to complement with the color choices of the outdoors or specific rooms. Similarly, you can choose metal pieces to coordinate with furniture hardware. Beautify these places with greenery for an added effect while flameless candles give you a low maintenance safe option.

Lantern as floor accessories

Are you looking for an appealing accessory for use on your floors? Have you considered large candle lanterns for the purpose? You can keep them besides your entertainment centre or the vacant space just near your sofa. Available in different shapes and sizes, your lantern should be completely proportionate with the space where you wish to place it. For example, if a room has a vaulted ceiling, accommodating an oversized 2-foot or 18-inch piece is not going to be difficult. For adding variety and depth, you may put the big candles with smaller ones. Combine metal and wooden varieties together, provided such kind of grouping coordinates perfectly with the accessories, furniture and hardware present inside the room.

Use as hanging decorations

Whether in your bedroom, living room, or the outdoor patio, suspended lanterns are ideal for getting soft light flicker. Hang from the ceiling using sturdy ribbons, wire, or decorative chain as seems feasible. Many people install wall brackets for providing effective support. For hanging up to eye level, use floor metal stands containing supportive hooks. Some of these come with stake like base for effective anchoring to ground, appropriate for the outdoor areas. It is best to hang these in places where there is not much foot traffic, as it will increase the risk of collisions. Room corners, patio, or yard perimeters are the best places for the purpose.

Lanterns using flameless candles or those of the electrical variety are great decorative items and a top choice for a light fixture. Make sure that it usually fits. You don’t need to scour the markets to find the best large candle lanterns or unique candle holders, just visit Katiesoutlet.com instead, your one-stop solution for fantastic decorative items.

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