My Trip to Philly

By: Jake McCallister


My cousin and her fiance live down in Philly, so my parents dropped me out at their house on the way to the beach. My cousin Whitney and her fiance Andrew Have been trying to get me to come down for months, and we saw a chance and took it. Whitney is in her mid-twenty's and Andrew is a few years older than her.

The Trip

On the first day my parents propped me off around ten fifty in the morning, so it was just me and Andrew. Whitney works a lot of jobs and she had to teach on this Saturday morning. My parents left and Andrew and I took off. It was my first real trip to Philly, so I was really excited. We took my first subway ride, and arrived at city hall. The trip was entertaining because of a group of kids that could dance. And they were phenomenal. After we got off the subway we walked through city hall, which was under construction in the courtyard because all of the Christmas decorations had to be taken down, and went to love park. It was pretty cool seeing all of the skaters buzz around and almost fall on their faces. At that point we walked over to Reading Terminal. Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to go there, DO IT. I was almost drooling at the smells. The food is delicious, just like everywhere else I ate at on the trip. The next stop was South Street, and oh boy, I didn't realize how much was on that amazing street. We first stopped at the comic book store, still just Andrew and I. We got a text from Whitney at that point saying she was on the bus ready to meet up with us. We decided on a place called Jon's, which was started by one of the original three stooges. We met up and had a great meal and walked back up South Street until we got to magic garden, which is an amazing place that is made up of all kinds of scrap. It was bought and built to protect South Street from being made into a highway. We spent about an hour going through there. From the Magic Garden we walked to a place called Repo Records. I found all kinds of music and bought too much. We then decided to go up to Temple University, where both Whitney and Andrew graduated from. We walked into the Collage Union Building and I realized that Gettysburg collage is a spec of dust compared to Temple. We walked around campus for a while then went into the Black Box Theather. I got to use the light board and go up on the catwalk. It was an amazing view. We then got back onto the subway and Andrew went home, but Whitney and I tried for the observation tower. We were walking up to the ticket booth when they said that there was zero visibility because of fog up that high. We sadly grabbed my first taxi ride back to their house. We sat around for a while seeing if Andrew, who had gotten sick (that's why he went back early), was feeling better. He didn't so Whitney and I went and had a good night at Hard Rock Cafe, another place where she works. We stuffed ourselves and went back home. We stayed up late and watched SNL.

In the morning we got up and all went to Federal doughnuts, and may I say BEST DOUGHNUTS EVER! They were delicious. From there we went to the art museum. I didn't realize how big the place was. I did get to run the Rocky steps while I was there. From there we just went back and hung at their place for a while until it was time to go back to Hard Rock for lunch with my parents. I got to see all of the memorabilia and buy some stuff. I had a delicious burger and talked with everybody for a while. Then the hand off occurred and we took my stuff up to the car, where my final goodbyes were said and I left with my parents. I had a great time in Philly and am already planning my next trip.

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