Author: Veronica Roth


Beatrice Prior is awaiting the Choosing ceremony. When she takes the test, the results are baffling; the results where inconclusive. She could join either the Dauntless, the Abgenation, or the Erudite. She chose the Dauntless, the fearless and reckless. What happens in that faction shocks her. Jumping from moving trains onto buildings, jumping off of buildings, and knife fighting. She even chooses a new name, Tris. Just as she is getting settled, she is confused about the weird antics of the mysterious Four, a person who wants to put the past behind him and start anew. But Tris won't let him. One night while playing a game of paintball in the dark at a defunct amusement park, Tris saves Four's life. He reveals who he truly is...but I will not tell you who; you have to read the book. They fall in love. As they grow closer together, they uncover secrets that could destroy the whole city of Chicago and maybe others. As they race to save the world, one secret could destroy them both.


I think this was a well written book. Roth had all elements of good writing in her story. The novel contained humor and suspense. If you are lazy and do not want to read the book you will have to wait until early next year when they release the movie version!!!!!!!

Some of the Characters: