Families During Slavery

History Of Slavery

Slavery Overview ;

  • Africans were taken & forced onto slavery , they were separated from family memembers .

  • Circumstances of slavery change throughout time opportunities for slaves to many have children & create stable family units fluctuate .

  • Slaves were bought by handfuls rather than shiploads .

  • Enslaved blacks attempted to provide for their family member financially , as well as spiritually .

  • When slavery was concept rather than a legal institution , blacks from New Amsterdam to the Chesapeake Bay used the courts to ensure the wellbeing of family members .

  • Marriage , they reasoned , would make slaves content and therefore docile .

  • Forced abuse in order to protect their kin ,

Slave Marriage

  • The slaves could not legally marry in any American country or state.
  • Colonial and state laws considered them property and commodities
  • In 1865 when slavery ended in this country, the vaste majority of African American could not legally marry.