Mohegan Weekly Update

September 5 Update

Back to School Update

Hello parents! Tuesday, September 6th is our first day of school. Our staff is ready to get started, and we hope your children are too! Here are a few reminders about school procedures.


Bus routes are posted on the district website. You can follow the link below, then click "Mohegan". Some bus stops may have changed since last year, so be sure to check before your child comes to school.


For the first few days of school, please be patient with our arrival and dismissal procedures. We have new staff, new parents and new students that need to learn the routines. Buses are typically a little delayed and walker pick up lines are long. Our number one priority is ensuring that your child gets home safely, so thank you in advance for your patience.

If you bring your children to school in the morning, please drive around to the back of the school. The front driveway is for SCHOOL BUS DROP OFF ONLY. Please stay in your car and follow the loop around the parking lot. There will be cones and staff members out there to help guide traffic. Staff members will help children out of the car and guide them into school.

Parents are not allowed into the building through this entrance.

Cars in the drop off loop must pull all the way up, signaled by our staff. We request that parents stay in their cars and have the student leave the vehicle from the passenger side back door. We try to make this quick and easy for families and avoid a back-up on Mohegan Road.

For safety reasons, only students are allowed to enter the building during morning drop off. All students are expected to be in their seats by 9:00am or are considered tardy (if not arriving to school via bus). If the drop off doors are closed, please drive around to the front of the school. We know this procedure will go a little slow until parents and students are familiar with the routines, so please be patient while waiting.

Late Arrivals:

Any child arriving to school after 9:00am, MUST be accompanied by an adult and buzz-in at the main doors. A staff member will assist in signing your child in.

Early Dismissal

If an emergency occurs and you must pick up your child early, please pick up your child by 3:30 at the front entrance. Anyone picking up a child MUST show an ID. If you try to pick up your child after 3:30, we will ask you go around to the pick up line which will start at 3:45.

Dismissal Procedures

If you wish your child to be in the parent pick up line, please send a note into the school. If we do not have a note, we assume the child will be going home on a bus.

Similar to arrival, parent pickup will occur in the back of the school. The front of the school is for BUSES ONLY during dismissal. Dismissal will begin at 3:45. Parents will pull around back, wait in line, and remain in their cars for dismissal. Anyone picking up a child at dismissal must have an ID. We need to verify that your child is being picked up by someone on the Infinite Campus profile. Parents will stay in line in their cars and your child will be brought outside to you. Again, please be patient for the first few days as pick up lines typically move slow as parents and staff adjust to the procedures.


AM Pre-K arrival coincides with arrival for the rest of MES. Pre-K parents will stay in their cars and pull around to the Pre-K drop off area in the back of the school. Staff members will be there to guide you. Pre-K parents will need to exit their car to unbuckle their children from the car seats and bring them to the door.

AM Pre-K pick up at 11:50 is in the back of the building. Please drive carefully as recess is also occurring at the same time. Parents will wait in line and can get out of the car to buckle their child in. MES Staff will not buckle children into their car seats.

PM Pre-K arrival at 12:50 is in the back of the building. Please drive carefully as recess is also occurring at the same time.

PM Pre-K dismissal is at the same time as dismissal for the rest of MES. Pre-K parents will stay in their cars and loop around to the pre-K pick up area. Parents can get out of the car to buckle their child in. MES Staff will not buckle children into their car seats. Once the Pre-K child is picked up, parents will then re-enter the K-4 MES pick up line and proceed to the exit.


Attached is a district wide school calendar for the year. You can find all pre-planned early dismissal days, no school days and school vacations. Please utilize this calendar and arrange for child care accordingly. Attendance is very important and we ask that if you are planning a family vacation that you utilize your school calendar when planning your trip. Work will not be handed out ahead of time for family vacations. Work will be completed when the child returns to school. Parents can excuse up to 9 absences themselves. Any absences beyond 9 must be approved by a medical professional (Doctor, PA, Dentist, etc).

Shelton Public School Calendar:


All students can get FREE breakfast and lunch from September 6th through October 31st. Starting November 1st, students will need to pay for breakfast and lunch. Some families may qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch prices.

Applications for Free and Reduced Lunch can be found at this website:

If you would like a hard copy of the application, please contact the secretaries in the main office. Please get applications in soon so that when November 1st arrives, you will know in advance if you qualify for the program. Students can always bring their own lunch from home. Remember that we are a nut free school.

Technology Policies

At the bottom of the newsletter are two district technology agreements. The Acceptable Use Policy pertains to any student using the district computers and school internet network. The policy reviews appropriate internet and computer use etiquette and consequences if those protocols are not followed. This is for all students.

The second policy, B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device), pertains to the use of personal devices on school grounds.

Sign off sheets for each of these policies will be sent home with your child. You can view the entire policies in the attached PDFs. Should you wish a hard copy, please contact the main office.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for a great opening day!

Mr. John Coppola

Mohegan School Principal

Important Dates and Times

Sep 6 - First Day of School!

Sep 26 - No School (Rosh Hashanah)

Sep 29 - Back to School Night (6PM)