Food Chains and Food Webs

Parts of an Ecosystem

What is an Ecosystem?

 —Living and non-living things —Pond, swamp, or field—Small as pond, large as ocean—non-living: sunlight; living: frogs. Habitats:—Where organisms live/dwell—Various parts of an ecosystem—Organisms get food, water, and shelter

What is a food chain?

 —Need energy from food to live—Most are sources of energy themselves—Shows how energy passes

What is a food web?

Organisms of a food web

Many different organisms

 —Herbivores: eat mostly plants—Carnivores: eat mostly other animals—Omnivores: eat plants and animals—Show competition for food as well

Why are decomposers important?

 —Prevents habitats from filling with dead material—Release nutrients into water/soil when eating—Nutrients help plants/organisms grow—EX: Worms, bacteria, snails, mold, and mushrooms
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