AT&T Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Compare Paid vs Free At&t Reverse Cell Phone Lookup.

How to do a reverse phone check on AT&T Cell Phone Numbers.

Doing an AT&T reverse phone number check isn't as simple as opening a white pages and getting a name. Maybe 10 years ago it was still effective to use a white pages to lookup phone numbers but today the amount of phone numbers a white pages has is drastically going down.


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What Works Today.

What makes white pages less effective today is that they rely on landline public records. Considering that today most people use a cell phone and more and more people are using only a cell phone without having a landlines at home or work. Its going to be difficult to figure out who the number belongs to by using old outdated methods.

Today cell phone companies keep records private. This really helps keep the telemarketers at bay and most cell phone customers appreciate the privacy and not having their cell phone number show up on main stream internet. Att phone directories and others like it are sold to special companies that do reverse phone checks. Its not free; a small fee is payed for using these services. This still gives people access to the at&t cell phone directory but keeps it from mainstream websites and cold callers.

Why do a Reverse Phone Lookup?

There are many reasons to do an AT&T reverse phone number check. Example: making sure that a business contact is in fact who they say they are. Checking on unknown callers and pranksters. I've even personally witnessed a spouse catching a cheater. There are many reason to do a reverse phone check for a peace of mind.

Using Google for Reverse Phone Number Checks.


One trick the can be used to do a free at&t reverse check is to google the number. Sometimes people will place a phone number in a work profile, social page, or just some contact page online. This can be a quick way to see if in fact there is something out there for free. Fortunately most reverse phone companies will let you do a quick phone number scan without providing any payment or personal information. They will also provide some basic information for free like who the provider is or what the location is. This can be more reassuring before actually signing up for one of these service providers.