Underdogs In Sports

By: Cade Hagan

Santiago Munez

Santiago Munez before he was famous and him now are alike in several ways. Both Santiago Munez before and now have his first love he stuck by the whole time. Also he still plays soccer. On the other hand one way they differ is that now his father. The one that doubted him is gone. Also his attitude changed. Before he was poor, played soccer at a low level, and was humble, loyal, and loving. Now for the first time people believe in him. So he's cocky and selfish. But now rich and the best ever. However they share the same background. Even though he's the greatest they have the same loving memories from his hard, poor childhood.

Taken from "Goal The Dream Begins" by Edward Douglas

Michael Oher

Michael Oher had a problem because he was always in trouble with the law and was homeless. One possible solution is for him to play football.The solution before was his mother would tell him to close his eyes and everything would be okay when something bad was going on around him. But that obviously only lasted temporarily. He was then adopted by a woman that felt bad for him. And they helped him to get better and better. From a timid player to the most aggressive. He thought of his team as his family. So he plays pro football and won the super bowl. He kept going from the bottom to the top. Because it will get him a home and keep him off the streets. It works because he is a star football player (not knowing it yet). His problem really boils down to the issue of his dad dying and his mother being a drug addict.

Taken from "Michael Oher" by biography.com

Miracle On Ice

Here is how a hockey team of scrub college players won the Olympics. First, the coach held many tryouts. Bringing college rivalries together. Next, the coach Herb Brooks grabbed the fastest, hardworking, and unselfish players there (not the best). Because no one could compete with Europe's skill. Then, the Herb had practice for a long time every day. He tested them physically and mentally. Like no others have experienced. At last the Olympics came they were down 2-1 with 27 seconds left vs Sweden. But all the sudden BANG Baker ties it up. And the game ends. Then bringing them to the next game crushing the Czech 7-3 and the Germans 4-1. By their dedication. Finally, the semis came vs the best team in the world the Soviet Union. They were down off a bad call from the ref 2-0. But the U.S score in the last second with their teamwork. Prior to that the next period they scored right away from a hard long shot. The place was going crazy for the Americans. Near the end of the game Johnson goes solo all the way and score. On February 8, 1970 the U.S made a miracle. In the end the swept the gold medal from Sweden 4-2.

Taken From "College kids perform Olympic miracle"
By Kevin Allen

Rudy Ruettiger

The reason why Rudy Ruettiger persevered after never going to Notre Dame the young irish dreamed of playing there. He played a single play with the Notre Dame football team is because of his perseverance. If his friend hadn't died he wouldn't have been motivated to chase his dream of playing football for his fathers favorite team. He was a decent cornerback but he was 5'6 and 165 ibs. Way too small. This explains why the coach didn't put him straight on the team. He was had dyslexia and was struggling in academics so he could never get into Notre Dame. The outcome was he traveled a long way to try to get into the fighting irish. He applied every day he failed until one day he succeeded. Before he was a groundsman there. Now he was on the scout team after getting into college. The outcome was he never played until the last game on the last play. After Rudy was nagging the coach. He went in and sacked the QB. Some people think the cause is his hard work and dedication. Others believe the coach felt bad for him. Its important to understand so this inspires you to keep going after being an underdog. The result was Rudy fighting to just play one play that it was turned into a movie, and he became a famous speaker. He was rich. This could also influence you.

Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, Notre Dame's Famous Walk-On: The True Story

By Dan Scofield


A underdog is a type of person that ranked lower than others and is the least expected to succeed. Some underdogs have perseverance such as the people I talked about. They were underdogs but kept going and didn't give up they ended up proving others wrong and getting their dream. Underdogs have several characteristics. One characteristic is the least important people. No one wants to be an underdog so that's why they have all excelled and become great!