Cool? Identity, Drugs, & Fitting In

Are you cool enough?

What does it mean to be 'cool'?

Being cool is being mean to people in order to make yourself look better than them. In the novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, Alex makes the WHO'S HOT/ WHO'S NOT list. By making the list he makes fun of all the girls on the WHO'S NOT side. He didn't get permission to there names on that list and he makes himself look like he can do whatever he wants so he will look cool.

How important is it to be cool?

Sometimes it is important to be cool when your playing a sport with others because if your not cool then other kids might not want to play with you. If your not cool then you could be one of the people that gets made fun of. People who want to be cool and try being mean to others might make fun of you in order to look cool.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important?