"Born Worker "

By Gary Soto


The conflict In "Born Worker" is when Arnie and Jose are at Mr. Clemens house and Mr. Clemens falls in the pool and starts bleeding from his head. Jose then runs to Mr. Clemens to help him up while Arnie just runs away. Jose then helps Mr. Clemens up on his lawn chair and calls 911, he also get a bag of ice for Mr. Clemens head and the police showed up. Arnire then shows up and says he was cleaning the pool and helped Mr. Clemens while Jose just left.

My Review

This story was very good to me and I give it a 5/5 would read again. There was action and suspense also there are alot of real life problems i can relate to. An example is when Arnie took all the credit when Jose did all the work

"He climbed up and saw for himself what his father saw -miles and miles of trees and houses, and a future lost in the layers of yellowish haze."

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