Fall Quarter 2020

A Few Words from Associate Dean Bowie

Welcome back to the early start of fall quarter. As you all scramble to juggle school, work, home and family once again, I encourage you to be kind to yourselves and to those around you. I recently read an article about surge capacity, which is defined by Dr. Ann Masten as a collection of adaptive systems, mental and physical, that humans draw upon for short-term survival in acutely stressful situations (2019). As humans, we are normally highly adaptive to our environment and can respond to situations such as natural disasters with short term resilience if needed. Our bodies can adapt by drawing on our immune, stress-regulation and self-regulation systems to provide resources that assist us in returning to equilibrium. But what happens when unusually stressful situations become long term? Our surge capacity needs to be renewed at some point, and our current pandemic situation, exacerbated by unemployment, racial injustice, and wildfires may not allow us to restore ourselves as it normally does.

In addition, all of us have experienced losses over the past several months, whether it is the loss of freedom, routines, rituals, or physical contact with those who are important to us. For the SU CON community, we have lost the educational experience that was familiar and comfortable. Moreover, clinical placements have been made all the more challenging because of COVID burdens on healthcare providers and systems.

As we move forward into more of the unknown this fall, take some time to refill your energy stores. Social support is one method for building resilience and to that end, Missy Hancock and Rebecca Severson have started to host community building events on Zoom this quarter. I encourage you to attend a session and add to your supportive network. Creating a routine or schedule can also decrease our sense of losing control. Reaching out to help others, such as neighbors, can help overcome a sense of helplessness.

As we traverse through an unusual fall quarter, please know that the CON faculty and staff are working hard to provide you with learning experiences that meet your needs while keeping you safe. Continue to ask for help when needed and ask questions when things are not clear. And remember to build your resilience back up through small daily practices.

Masten, A (2019). Resilience from a developmental system perspective. World Psychiatry, 18(1), 101-102.

Important Dates, Events & Reminders


Sept 9 - First day of Fall Quarter class

Sept 15 - Last day to Add/Drop classes

Oct 1 - Last day to apply for graduation - Winter Quarter 2021

Oct 26 - Last day to remove "I" grade from Spring/Summer 2020

Oct 27 - Last day to withdraw from FQ classes

Nov 1 - Last day to apply for graduation - Spring Quarter 2021

Nov 2 - WInter Quarter Registration opens

Nov 11 - Veteran's Day - NO CLASSES!

Nov 17 - Last day of Fall Quarter classes

Nov 19 -24 - Final Exam Week

Nov 22 - Jan 4 - Student Winter Break

Nov 24-26 - Thanksgiving: Faculty & Staff, offices closed

Dec 4- Fall Quarter grades Due

Dec 24- Jan 5 - Winter Holiday Break: Faculty & Staff, offices closed

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Welcome Dr. DoQuyen (Quyen) Huynh, Family Nurse Practitioner Faculty Track Lead Advisor!

As the principal of Bridgestone Consulting, Dr. DoQuyen (Quyen) Huynh is an innovative leader with a decade of primary care experience, programmatic development, business strategies and public speaking. She specializes in post-graduate residencies and fellowships for advanced practice clinicians, with expertise in adult learning and clinical education.

In 2014, she founded the Northwest Consortium of Advanced Practice & Education (NW CAPE) which is a platform for 14 organizations to collaborate and grow their postgraduate training programs in the Pacific Northwest. In 2015, Dr. Huynh was appointed to the board of the National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Training Consortium (NNPRFTC), and continues to chair the organization’s Accreditation Commission to oversee national accreditation, and to seek federal recognition of nurse practitioner postgraduate training programs.

She was selected by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners to be Washington State’s Nurse Practitioner of 2017, Award of Excellence. Outside of healthcare, she is an active entrepreneur of more than 15 years, with a diverse portfolio in real estate investment, wedding and entertainment industry services and restaurant development, all of which informed her business strategies.

Dr. Huynh received a BA from the University of Washington before earning her BSN, MSN and DNP in Systems Leadership from Seattle University.

BUILDING COMMUNITY IN THE DNP - Making, Creating, and Fostering Connection in a Virtual World:

The DNP I cohort asked for more community and as a result, we offered two Zoom events Fall quarter (9/8 & 9/9). We had a great time! Rebecca and Missy shared ways that DNP students can find connection across campus (Connect SU, SUSNA, EJC, GSA + more). The goal for this event was to: Talk about things NOT related to school, learn more about each other and just be in the moment.

Why is this connection important? I encourage you to listen to “Dr. Vivek Murthy and Brené on Loneliness and Connection” from Brené Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us. In this podcast, Dr Murthy discusses the science behind human connection and the different ways in which we need to connect. Brené Brown speaks about authenticity – which is so important for connection, especially in a zoom space.

We will be hosting more Community Building Events for DNP Students in October and November and will send an invitation to by email - so keep an eye out. All APNI and DNP Students are welcome to join! You're welcome to have your children, pets and partners join too.

Perhaps you want to start a virtual or small group in-person social "pod"?

Dog park meet ups?

Book clubs?

Health/wellness/exercise buddies?

Cooking/eating together?

If this is exciting to you, please reach out to Missy to help you coordinate this.

How do you want to stay connected!?

Using MySeattleU - Zoom Drop-In Session

Missy hosted three Zoom drop-in sessions to show students how to register using the MySeattleU tool. If you were not able to attend the zoom session, please reach out to Missy for more information!

A Note on Email Signatures:

It is important to represent yourself accurately. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is not a PhD program where students take comprehensive examinations and, upon passing, receive the title, PhC (meaning PhD candidate). Referring to yourself as a candidate can cause confusion with our preceptors and it is a misrepresentation of your academic status.

We suggest using the following E-signature format:

Name, Credential | DNP Student - specialty | Class of 202X


Your Address or Seattle U Address

work: | cell:


NOMINATIONS Open: Student Track Reps for 2020-2021

New Student Track Rep Nominations for the 2021-2022 academic year are now in process. Please look for an email from your At Large Track Rep for details on submitting your nominations. Submissions should be sent to to your "At Large" Rep by Friday, September 18th. Final appointments will be settled by Friday September 25th and announcement will be made via email.

Current At Large Student Track Reps:

DNP 2021: Ambera Dedic,

DNP 2022: Matt Johnson,

DNP 2023: Sadie Pile,

DNP 2024/APNI (Please connect with APNI Advisor Rebecca Severson)

If you have questions, please connect with Missy.

APNI - Class of 2024

APNI students will be taking 17 credits this fall, phew!

Pharmacology for Nursing

Nursing Care of Children, PEDS clinical

Nursing Care of Children, theory

Promoting Population Health, clinical

Promoting Population Health, theory

Advice from Missy:

  • If you haven't already - find out what kind of learner you are and connect with classmates who will make good study partners.
  • What Kind of Learner Are You? Quiz:
  • I think the best way for you to get through this quarter, is to lean on each other! Make time to connect with one another, even if it's on the phone or (yes! more zoom). See below for more about planned events.
  • Make time to take care of yourself too (meditate/pray, sleep, breathe, drink water, eat well, exercise, connect to family and friends)

A message from your Advisor, Rebecca Severson:

I hope all of you enjoyed your summer courses, congrats on completing your first quarter! Please remember that you’re always welcome to direct any questions to me – registration, clinicals, class scheduling, time management, organization, graduate school success, etc. Especially if you have no idea who to ask, start with me as your advisor. I am looking forward to getting to know each over the next year, so please feel free to email or schedule an appointment with me anytime (it’s hard to answer my work phone these days, so email or appointments are ideal.)

Your fall schedule should include the following: NURS 5005 Intro to Pharmacology, NURS 5008 Peds Clinical, NURS 5108 Peds Theory, NURS 5031 Community/Population Health Clinical, and NURS 5131 Community/Population Health Theory. If you are missing any courses, reach out right away to ensure you are enrolled correctly.

DNP I - Class of 2023

DNP I students will be taking 15 credits this fall:

Ethical Care & Social Justice


Advanced Pathophysiology

Nursing Theory & Critical Care

Our 2019 APNI entry students will also be taking the NCLEX this fall. We are thinking of you and sending you our best. We know you can do this!!

DNP II - Class of 2022

Programs of Study are beginning to diverge as you step into the advanced practice portion of the program, though all of you will be taking:


Leadership in Health Systems

For those of you taking the Gynecologic & Reproductive Health series, you will be going to the CPL for the lab. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided by your faculty on Canvas so that you are operating safely while you are in-person. We know for many of you, taking a course on campus might create a variety of reactions. We trust you'll all practice safely and make good choices. If you need to talk it out with someone, reach out to Missy or Rebecca or a trusted Faculty.

DNP III - Class of 2021

You all are approaching the home stretch of the DNP Program, and we are so thoroughly impressed by you all. You've been kind, thoughtful, and flexible. Your cohort has faced many obstacles and hurdles in this DNP journey and we are thrilled to celebrate your accomplishments in your final year.

Many of you are in different places in your DNP Project Internship series. Some are just starting while others are working toward completion!

Many of you are also going to be in clinical this quarter. We want to see you succeed and have rich learning opportunities.

An important Note - If you plan to graduate in 2021, you'll need to apply to graduate through the Registrar's office. See "Important Dates" above for the timeline and you can learn more about that process here:

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Hello DNP Students! The CPL hope you have a safe and healthy summer. The CPL is beginning to come back to life and students are beginning to return to the CPL for essential skills labs. We are not fully open, however, are supporting student learning for nursing skills that just cannot be performed virtually. Zoom can only do so much.

The CPL team has worked tirelessly over the summer months to establish a plan to include all CDC guidelines and safety measures that are being used in clinical settings. These include always wearing masks over the nose and mouth, eye protection using face shield or protective eyewear, wearing clinical attire, physical distancing, and practicing exquisite hand hygiene ALOT!

If you have activities at the CPL, entry has changed a bit. We have one entry point and two exit points. Our traffic in the CPL is one-way and we are doing our best to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. We need everyone to thoughtfully consider these guidelines. When you enter Swedish Cherry Hill, you will be screened by Swedish employees. In the CPL, we will check you in, ask if you have completed the Safe Start Health Check and confirm you are on the roster to be in the CPL. We ask students arrive on time...not early...and leave immediately after your activity is concluded.

As a result of these changes...there's a few things I need to let the DNP students know. The students lounge is no longer open, study areas have been removed, and we are limited on the number of occupants we can have at any one given time. The CPL teams thanks all the students, faculty, and staff that have made returning to the CPL possible and we look forward to seeing each of you when you are scheduled to be at the CPL this school year.

We miss each of you and hope that as we learn to live with Covid, we will be able to work with you in the CPL soon.

Carrie, Ian, Zoe, Aurora, and the Lab Techs!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

The Department of Campus Ministry welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students to seek a one-on-one caring conversation from a member of the Campus Ministry team at any point throughout their time at SU.

Regardless of religious background, all students are invited to meet with Campus Ministers as they go through life experiences. Especially in this quarter, students may be having difficulty adjusting, feeling isolated and disconnected, feeling large amounts of stress and grief, or needing extra support in other areas of their life. Students do not have to identify as religious or spiritual to seek us out for conversation. Campus Ministers can also talk to students wherever they are living this quarter.

Students can access our online form to set up a meeting with a Campus Minister. When students access the form, they will input their contact information and a Campus Minister will reach out to them within a day to schedule a phone or Zoom conversation. Students can also reach out to a specific Campus Minister or contact Megan Kush, our Campus Minister for Pastoral Care.

An Evening of Reflection for Graduate and Post Traditional Students

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 5-6:30pm

This is an online event.

Join fellow students from across programs for an evening of reflection hosted by Campus Ministry. In the midst of a challenging year, this mini-retreat will invite participants to slow down and reflect as they arrive halfway through the quarter. We will introduce the Ignatian Examen to guide our reflection. The Examen can help us discern new invitations in our lives that move us towards a heightened capacity for love, spiritual freedom, and hope.

All are welcome to join, regardless of religious background.

This program is free to attend: *The first 5 students to register on ConnectSU and attend the evening’s program will receive a gift card*

To register:

To request this information in an alternate format or for disability accommodation, please contact at least 5 to 7 business days before the event.

Questions? Contact: Megan Kush, Campus Minister, at

Returning Redhawk? Apply to Lead a New Student Retreat!

The application to serve as a New Student Retreat Leader is open now through September 22. The NSR Leader application is open to returning undergraduate students at SU. (Are you a new student looking to attend? Register here.) As a New Student Retreat Leader, you'll have the opportunity to serve as a point person for a small group of new students throughout fall quarter, to build community with fellow NSR Leaders, and to develop your capacity as a contemplative leader in action. NSR will take place over the course of five weeks in fall quarter from October 4 to November 1. Apply by September 22. Contact Anna Robertson, Campus Minister for Retreats, with questions.

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Students, Faculty & Staff - Please Join EJC This Fall!!

We invite you all to join us in our EJC community. This fall, we will come up with, and vote on, our initiatives for the 2020-2021 academic year. YOUR voice and YOUR story are valuable. We want you there!

Do you have any questions or feedback for EJC? Email us at:

Zoom Links:

Thursday, Oct 1, 3:30-5:30pm

Thursday, October 29, 3:30-5:00pm

Monday, November 16, 3:30-5:00pm

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What is the EJC?

The Equity and Justice Committee (EJC), a student-led, standing committee of the College of Nursing understands that the work we have in front of us for the 2020-2021 academic year will be vast and unequivocally relevant to undoing racism and systemic injustice. Although Seattle University is a Jesuit institution, EJC recognizes there are systems in place that need careful consideration.

ALL Students, Faculty and Staff are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. We need to work together to move forward for social justice!

All the best,

Dr. Therry Eparwa and Missy Hancock, Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Equity and Justice Committee

Microaggresions Reporting Tool

Reporting is confidential and no names are collected. The link is anonymous and cannot be traced to you or your device. The data will be reviewed by a designated EJC member who will deidentify details for review and follow-up.

EJC Website

Modeled after the “online syllabus” created by the Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock movements, this site is an online repository of information on the effects of racism on health, multimedia teaching and learning resources, and much more.

DNP Student Mentorship Program

Did you know the DNP students have an ongoing mentorship program? The EJC, in partnership with students, have officially launched the student mentorship program! The pairings have been made and student mentors will be reaching out to mentees via email in the next week. If you have any questions or concerns about your pairing or you would like to connect with the Mentorship team, you can email directly:


CON DNP Programs of Study for 2020-2021

See all of the Post Covid-19 Updated Programs of Study for all cohorts and all tracks!

Connect SU

Find events, community service opportunities and more!

Queer People of Faith

Queer Brunch for Lunch, Trans Day of Remembrance, IgnatianQ Conference + more!

CANVAS - CON Info Page

Find DNP Project Page, Student Resources + More!

CON Website for Current Students

Covid-19 related student resource page from the CON


Together, we can slow the spread. Stay home. Stay 6 feet apart if you must go out. Wash hands.


Click here to learn more


Students, Faculty and Staff - Connect on LinkedIn and Join the SU CON Network!

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