6 things you should know about

Dating a bull rider

Injuries come with the game!

You can't keep a cowboy from what they love doing. There will be broken bones in the process of succeeding their dreams. There is a risk of injury in every sport. Its just a matter of how bad it is. You always need to be ready for them hospital visits. Even though the bull fighters are there to protect your man that doesn't always happen. These 1,800 pound animals are after everyone in the pin with them. You can never trust a bull.

Yes, they are cute!

Bull riders are very cute we all know, but if you get lucky enough to have one stay faithful. They work their butts off to impress their lady so why not be faithful? Yes, they are a pain in the butt but what guy isn't? They are the ones that deserve to have a faithful companion. They are your little champion. Show them off and feel happy to have such a tuff man.

Video tape everything!

These crazy boys like to know what they did well, what they need to improve on, and they love to gawk at their wrecks. These crazy cowboys love to brag about who is the better bull rider and who can out ride who.

They are expensive!

These tuff cowboys require a lot of money when it comes to hospital visits and all their safety equipment. Must needs are helmet or cowboy hat (depending on how risky your man is), a protective vest, gloves, rosin, chaps, a bull rope, boots, and spurs. That's only the MUST needs. Imagine what these champions want extra...

Stay away from the buckle bunnies!

A buckle bunny is a woman who is a follower or devotee of rodeos and cowboys. Don't let them bother you if they go after your man. They aren't worth your time. Your cowboy won't fall into their arms if they are real and faithful to you. End of story.

Be YOUR cowboys #1 fan!

Being your mans #1 fan is very important. Be there to support him and cheer him on even after his bad rider. He is there to impress you. If he gets down on himself tell him your still his #1 cowboy and there is always next time. Cowboys love a girl who can cheer him on even at his worst times.