Into the Wild

Drew Austin, Jacob Cohen, JT Powers

Section 3: Chapters 16, 18, and Epilogue


“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours" (Thoreau)


This quotes tells what true happiness is and that if you strive to achieve your dreams you will be successful and no matter what the outcome you should be proud and remain happy knowing you did what you had your mind set on.

News Article

"As he trudged expectantly down the trail in a fake-fur parka, his rifle slung over one shoulder, the only food McCandless carried was a ten-pound bag of long-grained rice— and the two sandwiches and bag of corn chips that Gallien had contributed. A year earlier he'd subsisted for more than a month beside the Gulf of California on five pounds of rice and a bounty of fish caught with a cheap rod and reel, an experience that made him confident he could harvest enough food to survive an extended stay in the Alaska wilderness, too" (Krakauer 162).

This article is truly inspirational telling how this team was able to travel and survive the harsh conditions of the unbearable Alaskan terrain as a team. This required full trust of each other and equal corporation from both partners. I won't have anybody to watch my back when things get tough but I believe in myself I will be able to succeed just like these brave men. I know my abilities and I have my gear which I believe will bring me home.


Toxic plants
"Potato seeds are in fact mildly toxic after they've begun to sprout. They contain

solanine, a poison that occurs in plants of the nightshade family, which causes vomiting,

diarrhea, headache, and lethargy in the short term, and adversely affects heart rate and

blood pressure when ingested over an extended period" (Krakauer 141).

This video has really opened my eyes about certain plants and what they can potentially do to human beings. Let's hope I don't run into any type of plant problem!


Big image
"Thickets of buckbrush leave a crosshatch of bloody lacerations on my shins. Piles of

bear scat on the trail and, at one point, a set of fresh grizzly tracks—each print half again as long as a size-nine boot print—put me on edge (Krakauer 131).

Today I had my shot at killing a monster bear but unfortunately I missed. Hopefully I will have another shot at killing this beast.


Alaska's wildlife species are a hallmark of the state. It is home to some of the land's largest carnivores; is favored by a diverse bird population; and miles and miles of shoreline offer habitat for abundant marine life. From grizzly bears, polar bears, moose, dall sheep, mountain goats and many, many more, tourists and hunters make Alaska a mecca experience.

"It was slow going. In order to feed himself, he had to devote a large part of each day

to stalking animals. Moreover, as the ground thawed, his route turned into a gauntlet of

boggy muskeg and impenetrable alder, and McCandless belatedly came to appreciate one of the fundamental (if counterintuitive) axioms of the North: winter, not summer, is the preferred season for traveling overland through the bush (Krakauer 122).

This opens my eyes a little more. I'm now more aware of the wildlife that will be lurking around and that I will be accustom to eventually.