HomeLink Newsletter

February 2020

Message from Mr. Reeser

Happy February!

Welcome to February! 2nd semester is in full swing and it is great to see all of our families back on campus! There is a lot happening during the month of February, so please make sure to review the information coming in from your consultants and the information included in this newsletter. I have included some important dates and information you won’t want to miss.

Important Dates:

February 2nd:

  • Returning Family Enrollment forms are now available at the front desk and consultants will distribute them at February’s monthly meetings. These packets need to be returned to the front desk by February 28th to secure your family’s enrollment seats for the 2020-2021 school year. Curriculum requests for next year will not be processed until we receive your Returning Student Applications. *Please note that you will fill out one application per family (include all returning students on the application). If you are adding a new student to HomeLink, you will need to complete a New Student Application and those are available at the front desk.

  • Out-of-District Transfer-Beginning February 3rd, families who live out of district will need to complete a “Choice Transfer Request” with the district they reside in. Most districts have these forms available online and you can search for them by entering “Choice Transfer Request (name of district)”. Please make sure that you are requesting the 2020-2021 school year on your form. This request form must be approved by both districts before families are able to pick up their curriculum. (Richland School District begins accepting transfer requests on February 3rd for the 20-21 school year).

  • Curriculum Inventory- At the February monthly meeting, consultants will distribute to families a list of items they have checked out from the library. Families will cross check this inventory list with the items they have at home. If there are any discrepancies, please note them and see the library staff. Families will sign this list and return it to the front desk by February 28th. The inventory list will need to be signed and returned before placing an order for next year’s curriculum.

Curriculum Support and Planning for 20-21 school year:

HomeLink will host a curriculum night, give an opportunity to express interest in private lessons for next year and accept curriculum requests for next year. Please note the following dates:

February 19th: Music and Curriculum Information Night @ 5:30 PM--MPR

-Luisa will share about private lessons for the 2020-21 school year

-Mary Jo and Stacy will discuss the curriculum request process, points, and timelines for 2020-2021

-Curriculum will be available for families to browse

-Parents can bring curriculum to swap with other parents

-We will have parents showcasing some curriculum options and doing some demonstrations

March: A Google Form will be sent to families so they can show interest in private lessons for the 2020-21 school year. (The actual sign up genius to reserve a specific spot will not be sent out until after elementary registration.)

March 2nd-April 17th: Window for curriculum requests for the 2020-21 school year to receive curriculum prior to summer break. Returning Family Packets, inventory lists, and skeletal learning plans will need to be returned before submitting a curriculum request.

Planning for next year (20/21 scheduling):

We will begin our 20-21 scheduling process soon. Please make sure to check your email for important surveys as your opinion greatly assists us in our planning efforts for our K-12 students.

General Master Scheduling Timeline for next school year:

February- During the month of February we determine how many students will be signed up per grade for next year, this information is important to designate building space by grade. Parent Surveys are sent out to gather more scheduling information.

March- Enrollment opens for the 2020-2021 school year until we reach 500 students and then the waitlist begins. Admin reviews enrollment and survey data information to draft a schedule. Secondary interest forms are collected on classes during this time.

April/May- Thorough review of scheduling data and draft schedule is developed and sent to parents.

May/June- K-12 registration occurs prior to school ending for the year

Looking forward to another great month at HomeLink!

All the best,

Tyler Reeser, Principal

PBL Works!

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.

Our goal at Three Rivers HomeLink is to use the tools from Project Based Learning to embed a high level of innovation and academics into our student experience, while giving students the credits they need to graduate.

Staff worked for the week of January 21st-24th to come up with several projects to offer our secondary students so that they can possibly earn several credits if they sign up for a Project Based Learning class.

This idea of offering secondary students "Project Classes" is still in the very early stages of development and will be adjusted and added to as we are able to roll out new classes. Our goal will be for us to offer more "Project Classes" as our teachers develop these awesome and creative ideas in future years. This will help our students so that we can continue to offer engaging classes that have real-world application and help students take ownership over their learning.

Transitioning into Middle & High School @ HomeLink?

If you missed our presentation to existing families about what our middle school and high school is all about - please feel free to review the presentation attached below. We also encourage you to visit with your consultant about our programs. They are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Middle School - High School Transition @ HomeLink

Update from Special Education

As part of the Washington Integrated System of Monitoring (WISM) accountability system that OSPI has in place, RSD is participating in a WISM review this year that includes a parent survey component. OSPI has contracted with WSU to complete the parent survey. WSU will send the survey out to parents via mail. It will come with a cover letter on OSPI letterhead. The surveys are scheduled to go out in late January or February. The survey window will be open for approximately 6-8 weeks. The survey will consist of 26 questions. If you have a student receiving Special Education services in the Richland School District, we encourage you to complete and return the survey after you receive it. Your feedback as parents is important to our district.

Seniors 2020

Just a few quick updates as we march towards GRADUATION!

1. Please ensure you have ordered your cap & gown! Order here!

2. Visit Penny's counselor page on the school website for scholarship opportunities!

Mental Health Resources

Winter months are often the hardest time to maintain mental health. Check out some of the resources found on Penny's counselor webpage.