Gerald Ford

By: Allie McKee

First Unelected President

Gerald Rudolph Ford

  • 1st man to be made president by a vote of Congress
  • After Nixon's resignation
  • August 1974; Entered the White House
  • Submitted by Nixon as a vice-president candidate
  • Was submitted as being unintelligent
  • Ford's pardon was granted to Nixon for any crimes he may have committed as president
  • Outraged Democrats*
  • Believed Ford was part of a "buddy deal" with Nixon
  • Possibility of being a part of Watergate break-in

Achievements and Accomplishments:

  • Wanted to enhance the détente
  • Signed the Helsinki accords
  • Recognized Soviet boundaries and helped ease tensions between the nations
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"A war that is finished" -Gerald Ford

End of the Vietnam War


  • North Vietnamese made a full invasion of South Vietnam
  • Ford asked for aid for South Vietnam
  • Congress rejected the request
  • South Vietnam collapsed without the aid of America

April 29, 1975

  • Last of Americans were removed from South Vietnam
  • 140,000 South Vietnamese were brought to the U.S. also
  • Added to the melting pot

America did not lose the war, their client nation did.

Losses for America

  • Face in the eyes of foreigners
  • Self-esteem
  • Economic leadership
  • Power