By: Jenny Olson


Do you want to go on a trip with me to go see the Bongos? Ssshhhh they get scared of loud noises. Now come along and see the bongo. Munch ,munch, that's a Bongo munching on plants. A Bongo is a herbivore. That is a animal that eats plants. Do you want to read more ?

Appearance & Classification

Gallop, Zoom! Hey, do you want to come on an exiting trip to central Africa to go see the Bongos and how they live, work and play? Do you want to see the largest antelope? The Bongo is 4.3 feet tall. That is the size of an 8 or 9 year old kid . The color of the bongo is a chestnut brown. There are white strips running down their backs. The bongo is a mammal. A fully grown the Bongo weighs 450 to 800 pounds. The Bongo's spiral horns on the sides of there heads are 90 centimeter tall horns . There are two types of Bongos. One is the Mountain Bongos, also known as the eastern Bongo. The other is the low land Bongo, also known as the western Bongo .



Habitat Information

The Bongo lives in central Africa. The climate there is dry, warm and after rain fall, damp. The Bongos mostly make there home in central Africa because of the climate is very warm and has many grasslands for the Bongos to run all over. Their home is shady with trees. You can see them under the tree and in the grassy areas. They live in dense forest and around bamboo.

Predator & Prey

Do you have enemies ? Well believe it or not the Bongo has them too. But for the Bongo their enemies are called predators . Their predators are lions, tigers, leopards, and hyenas.

What is you're favorite food ? Bongos have favorite food too. It is is called prey. Their prey is leaves , bark, and grass. They are herbivores.

Fascinating Facts

1. Did you know that the Bongos are the largest antelope in the wild? Sadly there are not many Bongos left in the world. Humans kill them and ruin their habitat.

2. These amazing animals are awesome! They live for about 10-18 years.

3. The bongo will rub it's horns against trees to polish them.

4. Bongos travel in herds.

5. Like humans, a bongo carries a baby for 9 months. They only have one calf.


Bongos are an awesome animal. I hope you feel the same way too. Grunt, Snort and Moo. What is that noise? It's just a bongo saying goodbye to you.