Tull's Seed Drill Thrill

They can plant it, we can plant it better!

The Brand, Spanking New Agricultural Device That Will Turn The Tides!

THIS DEVICE IS REVOLUTIONARY. Have you ever felt that agriculturally producing food is a long and strenuous process? Don't you just wish that you can drastically change the time it takes to do so? WELL NOW YOU CAN! With the seed drill, you can plant three rows and drill, sow, and cover seeds ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You can purchase a seed drill at a local hardware store near you. With a payment of only $55, you can own the seed drill today!

How does the seed drill work you may ask?

The seed drill is mobilized by a horse so all you have to do is guide it where you desire to have your soil planted. It can plant three rows at the same time! The seed drill also efficiently incorporates three previously separate actions all into one. It can drill, sow, and cover seeds all at the same time. A hopper dispensed seeds into a box that manages the amount. A harrow cuts the drill for receiving seed and the plow is then turned over the soil to cover the sown seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What problem does the seed drill solve?

Prior to this invention, methodically, loosened soil permitted air to reach the roots of growing plants. Manures, although helping feed plants by assisting with the break down of earth particles, affected the taste and composition of food and promoted weed growth.

Why was the drill invented?

Hunger was the main drive in constructing the seed drill. Hunger was persistently a problem throughout Great Britain. As someone who is willing to solve this problem, I was interested in improving food production.

Now that the seed drill is invented, what advantages does the seed drill have over the previous way of life? How will it change the nature of work?

The seed drill will change the nature of work by shifting into a more quicker way to produce more food by using this tool. This tool incorporated three agricultural steps into one. This will be a revolutionary change that will influence other agriculturists like myself, to adopt these methods and will result into more efficient land management and higher crop provision.

Who will benefit from the seed drill? How does it make life easier? How will it change society?

The seed drill will benefit everyone. It will make life easier for people by reducing the time it takes to produce food and feed more people. Changes into society will make a rippling effect of making people be more settled, satisfied, and have more energy due to the reduction of starvation.

Will anyone be hurt or lose out if the seed drill is adopted by people?

Hypothetically, no one will be hurt if this invention is adopted by people. Although some may lose jobs because this tool would do the jobs for them, it will still help by filling their stomachs and have one less thing to worry about when agriculturally working.

Jethro Tull

Hi my name is Jethro Tull and I am the inventor of the seed drill. I was born in Basildon, Berkshire, England on March 30 1674. I am an agronomist, agriculturist, writer, and inventor. I grew up on a country estate. I became a musician and understood how to operate which I then applied my knowledge to the seed drill. I went to Oxford to study at St. John's College. I then experimented with new farming techniques and invented mechanical agricultural equipment as a main profession.