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Thoughts about the above pictures...

I've attached a copy of two notes we received this morning from a student recently enrolled at our school. Matthew was a student at PES last school year but moved during the year. He has been in a lot of places since he started school. But, since being with us first semester last year, he is now enrolled in his FOURTH school. Needless to say, there is a lot on this young man's plate aside from school itself. As we celebrate the great changes we are seeing in student achievement in the coming weeks, let us not forget that our students have so many needs, and it is easy to forget that sometimes achievement issues might be last on their plate.... Thank you for remembering that our student body is often more diverse than we realize and that sometimes just getting to school is hard in and of itself for some of our children. These two letters today were a great reminder to me that honestly, first things come first. When children struggle to have their basic needs met, it is really difficult to focus on the things we are teaching. Remember that Tracy Goldberg and Angie Vaksvik are first lines of defense for issues like this and that Judith and I both beg to be included as well. I thank you for remembering that we have to educate and to love the whole child.


Shouts Outs from YOUR Dolphin Colleagues

  • Renee for repeatedly cleaning up the Dolphin Collaboratory when it's a mess.
  • Michelle for working different hours this week while Anne needed to be away. We appreciated your flexibility and smiling face in the mornings!
  • Angie, Andrea, Gina, Bridget, Judith and Kim for spending lots of time on Friday working on PBIS during Genius Hour.
  • Marsha Harms for jumping rope with children at 6:45 on Thursday mornings - COM-MIT-MENT!
  • Meg for holding down the SST fort while Angie gets her feet under her!
  • KPD and Mrs. Ciccone for helping assess our students in mClass!
  • All of YOU for getting your PDPs done on time! Talk about filling my bucket! THANK YOU:):):)
  • Ray for working with Mrs. Davidson's kiddos to support handwriting instruction!
  • Tracy G. for writing contracts with our attendance/tardy high flyers - they have actually IMPROVED! Woohooo!
  • Angie for recognizing the value of chocolate whether you are in a school in Indiana or in the South!
  • Anne for organizing all the tiny details of the Donor Ball!
  • Each member of our staff who've come up with some really creative ideas for the Donor Ball!


Please welcome Lori Bass who joins us as a student teacher from St. Andrews in Mrs. Davidson's classroom. She begins observing this week and will be with us through the end of April.

Reminder - Week of January 19th

IAs will not be covering recess during the week of January 19th to help cover those K-1 teachers trying to get mClass assessments done. We hope one week of this will be enough. If not, it could be extended to the next week. Thanks to those teachers on TAC that graciously agreed this would be a good idea!

Banner for Children to Sign

A banner will be placed in the main hallway towards the end of the week. We will be asking you to bring your children to the main hallway to sign this banner. It will be hung over the tables that hold the auction cards Saturday night. Each grade level will have a specific color to use on the banner to help parents find their child's name. Thanks in advance for making sure your class is included!

Schedule Your Collaborative Planning Date

Be sure to schedule a date beginning the week of February for us to delve into your data as a team. Check in with KPD to make sure that day works and get it on the calendar!!!! Time to look for trends, bump UP cards, and celebrate the good things happening for our children!

For your perusal...

The link to the two surveys taken in early December are attached. The first part was to assess our improvement from the Teacher Working Condition Survey results from March of last year. The second survey was implementation of PBIS. These were discussed in School Improvement Team (SIT) last week. Take a look to see how we are doing - and thank you for helping us grow.

In the Week Ahead.....

Duties Week of December 1st

AM Bus/Cafeteria beginning - Scruggs

PM Bus - Martin

AM Auditorium beginning - Threatt/Downs

AM Car beginning - Zwart

mClass assessing continues from 7:30-8:00

TR K-2 Math Assessment

Interim Assessment Window Opens grades 3-5




Required Meeting - Gradebooks 0 Grades 3-5 and Harms, Pier, Riedesel - BRING YOUR LAPTOP! Meet in the Media Center with JD


Fire Drill 10:00 am

1st and 2nd grade field trip to PHS - Encore 9:30-11:30 - Judith will forward lunch schedule changes for this date




Grades Due to Karen by 10 am - COMMENTS REQUIRED ON REPORT CARDS

If someone will fail a class, Mrs. Ciccone must be notified PRIOR to this date.

In the Coming Weeks....

January 26

Optional Teacher Workday

January 27

31 Fundraiser - proceeds for Collaboratory - 1:30-3:30pm

Teacher Study - JD will contact teachers involved

January 28

TR Report Cards

January 29

PLC Meetings - all groups

February 3

Dr. Grimesey - Spring Visit - Required Faculty Meeting for all

February 3-5

COGAT Admininistration - 3rd grade only

February 6

COGAT Makeup

Classroom Group Pictures

February 7

Pinehurst Parks and Recreation hosts a Winter Wonderland event at Cannon Park. Our PTA will be selling tickets for $12 and receiving $2 for every ticket sold. More info to come.

February 9-20th

Boxtop Collection for PTA - Contest TBA

February 9

Math Mania - K-2 Required Evening for all K-2 teachers

Specials teachers pick Monday or Tuesday

February 10

Math Mania - 3-5 Required Evening for all 3-5 teachers

Specials teachers pick Monday or Tuesday


February 10

Early Release 11:30

February 16

Required Workday

February 19-20

Drama Club Performance