Abruzzi's News-ies

First Edition: Building a Strong Foundation for Success

Manners Matter

Early in the school year, we focus on building a sense of community in the classroom. The students LOVED the story "Please, Mr. Panda." What a great story for teaching manners! The way we ask for things is important. This story demonstrates the importance of asking the right way.

As an extension activity, I asked the students to squeeze all of the toothpaste out of a small tube of toothpaste into a bowl. Next, they were asked to use toothpicks to put the toothpaste back into the tube. NOT easy! They persevered and in many cases succeeded. However, the point was...words are easy to say, and not so easy to take back. We all need to choose our words carefully. Being patient with one another will make our classroom a nice place to be.

What's in the Sack?

Every student was asked to fill a brown bag with five special things. This was great fun! It also allowed us to get to know one another. There were so many cool (and silly) surprises!

Cooperative Musical Chairs!

The students faced many challenges the first few days of school, but perhaps none were more exciting than this one! Instead of playing traditional musical chairs, we put a different twist on things. Instead of trying to exclude one another, we worked as a team to make sure everyone had a spot. The catch - one by one the CHAIRS were taken away! Can you believe it? 27 first grade bottoms in just 5 chairs! Here's the proof...
Big image

We Are Bucket Fillers!

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Amadou shows off his smile and gets ready to fill his friends' buckets with kind words! What a nice kid!

Decoding Strategies!

The kids learn specific decoding strategies for reading with a little help from my friends.

Turtle Racers!

We finished Chapter One at a turtle's pace. A RACING TURTLE that is! The boys and girls applied what they learned about data collection, graphing and the many ways to represent numbers in this fun-filled culminating activity. What a blast!

Some More Cool Moments!

I am making it a point to snap as many pics as I can this year. There's always so much going on in room 112! Bye for now.