Second Grade

Rock Star News

Curriculum Night

Thursday, Aug. 21st, 6:30-7:30pm

1801 Ellington Rd SE

Conyers, GA

There will be two- 30 minute sessions. The first begins promptly at 6:30 and the second will begin promptly at 7:00. There will be identical information at both sessions. Please plan to attend one or the other.

Picture Day is this THURSDAY- Wear a burgundy logo polo and khaki bottoms- Hair accessories must be school colors

Apologies for the spelling homework mixup

The wrong set of words were copied and went home on Friday. However, the correct words were up Saturday morning on Renweb and students had their pretests. Whatever is on that pretest is set in stone. Students only have to complete activities on the words they miss on FRIDAY's pretest. Friday's pretest needs to be turned in with homework.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. That's what I'm here for!!!

Brain Pop Jr.

Our school has purchased a subscription to Brain Pop. I am sending the school code home so your child can review videos and use the other features of Brain Pop.

ID= ptaga Password= panthers

I will be using the online quizes as an in class quiz grade for Science and Social Studies. Feel free to review those at home as well.

Library Books

Our library days are Monday and Friday. Students have already brought home their library books. Please be sure they bring them back EVERY day as students read them daily. I prefer students to take quizes during school hours. We can take AR quizes everyday on our tablets. If you have any concerns, or your child has not taken a quiz, just let me know when your child is ready.

Thank you to those of you who have signed up through volunteer spot to help us during our library times! You Rock!

What's happening this week...

Reading- This week we are reading Exploring Space. We are working on identifying main idea. Reading Logs are in your child's Fish Notebook. Please sign each night. Please have your child read for a total of 20 minutes each day. The time they spend reading our weekly story will count towards this 20 minutes. I highly suggest having your child read their story out loud each night in order to improve reading fluency. We all did fantastic on our first reading test!!!

Word Wisdom- Students did VERY well on their homework and on their quiz. Congratulations! I sent home the vocabulary cards last Friday. Please focus on the 10 words and definitions. We will use the root words in class later, so ignore them for now. I have had some requests to add the sheet here so you can enlarge them. CLICK HERE.

Language Arts- This weeks' spelling pattern are blends (st, br, str, nd, sk, cl, and tw). We will continue to practice identifying this pattern in our reading and centers as well. Spelling and Dictation test will be on Thursday. In grammar we are reviewing Subjects and Predicates. Our first grammar quiz went extremely well!

Math-- We are well underway reviewing addition strategies. We will have a quiz over this on Thursday. I will send home their math journals each night, starting tomorrow, to help them review. There are foldables and vocabulary cards to help them review. Please be sure they come back to school each morning as we use them daily.

We will continue to practice our addition facts everyday and then graph our results. This daily practice is not something that I grade, however students are tracking their practice on a graph. Students should be fluent in their addition facts by November and subtraction by February. These are every bit as important as sight words. I gave our first timed test last week over 0's and 1's. Please continue to practice math facts every night. I have placed an extra math calendar in your child's notebook. Please fill it our each night with how many minutes your child practiced. If you cannot always get online to practice, please use flash cards or play addition war with your child. They love it!!!!

Social Studies/Science--Our Earth's Materials Unit is rocking! We have learned about natural resources, erosion, weathering and the different types of soil. We will have a test next Wednesday.

Rock Star of the Week

Farrah Hubbard


If you have not signed up for PTO please do! We want 2nd grade to have 100% participation. Thank you so much in advance!

Second and Third Grade will be performing for Chapel this month!

Gentle Reminders

Please be sure to get your child here in the morning with plenty of time to spare. Announcements and pledges begin at 8:15 sharp and we go right into specials and chapel at 8:20. Many of our students are not having enough time to take care of their morning routines. Thank You!

Students need to wear belts everyday if they have on bottoms that have belt loops.

(We all looked great today!!!)

Please send in a healthy snack and a bottle of water each day.

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